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  1. Found the solution here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...hp?t225281.html
  2. j_uprichard

    Links Manager II

    Hi Jack, Thanks for the reply. Would you be able to tell me the last stable version of the Links Manager contribution that I would be able to install without the "LEFT JOIN" MySQL syntax so it will (hopefully) work with MySQL Version 3.23. Cheers, Jamie
  3. j_uprichard

    Links Manager II

    Hi Jack, I seem to be having a similar problem to some other users although there doesn't seem to be a fix. I have read through the 15 pages of this thread and am still not having any joy. I have added the above split_page_results.php patch but still no success. My error message is: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near '( links_description ld, links_to_link_categories l2c, link_categories lc ) on (l' at line 1 select l.links_status from links l LEFT JOIN ( links_description ld, links_to_link_categories l2c, link_categories lc ) on (l.links_status = 2 and ld.language_id = '1' and l2c.links_id = l.links_id and lc.parent_id = '0') LIMIT 10000 I am running MySQL version 3.23.56. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I take it, there is a problem with the sql statement and compatibility with version 3 of mysql. Regards, Jamie
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction with this query. I basically require a combination of the Table Rate and Zones Rate Shipping. For example, I have 3 zones but i wish to set my shippig costs based on total order cost (price) boundaries instead of total weight. I've googled and search both the contributions and forum sites but cannot find anything?! I thought this would be quite a popular method of shipping - am i just searching using the wrong keywords? All hlp greatly appreciated. Regards, Jamie
  5. OK - so I worked out the earlier problem of including the HTML code to insert the individual zone shipping prices... HOWEVER - I am getting another problem now... Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /catalog/includes/functions/indvshipzones.php on line 58 Line 58: foreach(GetAllZones() as $key=>$value) { Two lines above this is... $nZones = count(GetAllZones()); if I print out the value of $nZones I get a value of 0! I'm guessing the problem is something to do with my zones and the foreach is not being conditioned on a proper array. Can anyone help please.
  6. Hello everyone. I installed this Individual Product Shipping Prices per Zones module as it was just what I was looking for. However, I cannot get it to work correctly. I have as kwikone suggested earlier tracked it down to the fact that there is nowhere in the Categories or Product interface to add the entries for the individual shipping prices. greggg, I have already added all my individual zones in admin=>taxes->zones and also in admin=>taxes->tax zones. However nothing shows up when i am adding a product. Can someone please add the finished and (correct) working code for this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. j_uprichard

    Help Needed - Three Images with Admin 1.02

    Hi I have also installed the Three Images in Admin contribution. Everything seemed fine, I was able to add extra images in the admin. Unfortunately, when I go to my online store to view i only have one image! Any help/ suggestions are greatly apreciated. I have the Ultimate SEO URLs contribution installed and was wondering if this was causing the problem. :unsure: