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  1. I did the code thing in categories.php....nothing
  2. XML document must have a top level element. Error processing resource 'http://www.hairfreax.com/sitemapindex.xml'. this is my error :(
  3. Ahh, my store is located in the root dir and not in catalog....what do i need to change?
  4. Everything was followed to the letter but my files are all blank...my permissions are correct etc.... any suggestions? I only run EP as a contrib :(
  5. I have an attribute problem.....i ave manages to upload on set of attributes but the other is just NOT working...also how can i get rid of the annoying spaces in the colour attributes...can i use NULL? here is the first line of my import...( attribute bit only) v_attribute_options_id_1 v_attribute_options_name_1_1 v_attribute_values_id_1_1 v_attribute_values_price_1_1 v_attribute_values_name_1_1_1 v_attribute_values_id_1_2 v_attribute_values_price_1_2 v_attribute_values_name_1_2_1 v_attribute_values_id_1_3 v_attribute_values_price_1_3 v_attribute_values_name_1_3_1 v_attribute_options_id_2 v_attribute_options_name_2_1 v_attribute_options_id_2_1 v_attribute_values_price_2_1 v_attribute_values_name_2_1_1 v_attribute_options_id_2_2 v_attribute_values_price_2_2 v_attribute_values_name_2_2_1 v_attribute_options_id_2_3 v_attribute_values_price_2_3 v_attribute_values_name_2_3_1 v_attribute_options_id_2_4 v_attribute_values_price_2_4 v_attribute_values_name_2_4_1 1 Colour 1 0 As seen 2 0 3 0 2 Size 1 0 S 2 0 M 3 0 L 4 0 XL am i missing something stooooopid? store is here www.hairfreax.com
  6. Anyone have an easy solution on how to use attributes with ep? I am being lazy and not wanting to trial and error! The products uploaded a dream, but mirroring the sample upload...the attributes did not appear! If there is a nice easy contrib for this that would be great....plu the EP support thread seems to be out of date :(