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    Problems with indv. shipping

    hay Michael, i have had an interest in this type of mod myself too just finished installing multi vender shipping, thought they would compliment each other..., i DL-ed (downloaded) individual shipping and read the steps to install...in the instructions it shows a link to the forums did you go there? just asking, didnt make any sence to you either ah? lol. oh yea, your english is just fine by the way, i dont think thatz the problem at all. anywayz, i tried installing it myself and lucky me, the same error. im no php master either ( beware of those that think they are lol ) but im looking into this today (and maybe for the rest of my life lol ), if i find anything ill share it with you of course. If any one could help Michael and myself it would be great, anyone bored enough to rewrite/correct those install instructions? anyone get multi verders and individual shipping working together? this will be the last mod install before going live. sorry i cant help you directly at this time Michael, but maybe my bumbing this post will assist the both of us in getting some answers :) l8r 4 now, best wishes