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  1. Somebody has the english traduction for the "ot_gv.php" file pls? For these lines for the precision: ... ('Inclure taxe', 'MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_CREDIT_TAX', 'false', 'Voulez-vous ajouter la taxe sur le chèque cadeau ?'...); Thanks
  2. Gift vaucher doesn't work (coupon yes)... :( I setted it in admin section, but when I go to buy I only have this message in checkout_payment.php page: "Tick to use Gift Voucher account balance ->" with radio button But I don't have the possibility to insert the gift number. Anybody has the same problem? P.S. I noticed this in the "/classes/order_total.php" file: ... $use_credit_string = $GLOBALS[$class]->use_credit_amount(); if ($selection_string == '') $selection_string = $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_selection(); if ( ($use_credit_string !='' ) || ($selection_string != '') ) { ... The problem is that this code is in a while loop, and in the second loop the "selection_string" variable doesn't have blank value, therefore the "credit_selection" method is no more called.
  3. I got it the error (i hope). It doesn't save (the first time) the "cc_id" variable in the session. The second time yes. This is the code to modify: file: includes/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php line: 132/133 Replace this: if (!tep_session_is_registered('cc_id')) tep_session_register('cc_id'); //Fred - this was commented out before $cc_id = $coupon_result['coupon_id']; //Fred ADDED, set the global and session variable With this $cc_id = $coupon_result['coupon_id']; //Fred ADDED, set the global and session variable if (!tep_session_is_registered('cc_id')) tep_session_register('cc_id'); //Fred - this was commented out before
  4. I have the exact same problem... :( Were you able to solve this?
  5. I saw it, and it doesn't work anyway... :( I guess it's a bug of "file_exists" php function, i'm looking for it on web and this function are other problems
  6. Errata corrige: i noticed that files created with this contribution don't come seen from "file_exists" function. If i create a file in the same directory, the file_exists function works... :( Somebody can explain this pls?
  7. I noticed that "my" file_exists function doesn't work if in the filename there is a dot (Like "name.php.thumb.jpg") Anybody else noticed this problem?
  8. Anibody can help me? I noticed this strange behavoiur: The thumbs are saved correctly, but in the product_thumb.php file: // Output the image: if ($image[2] == 2 || ($image[2] == 1 && $gif_as_jpeg)) { if ($tn_server_cache) { $thumbnail = modify_tn_path($_GET['img'].'.thumb_'.$_GET['w'].'x'.$_GET['h'].'.jpg'); imagejpeg($tmp_img,$thumbnail, 100); //http_headers($thumbnail); http_headers($_GET['img']); [b]<----- I HAVE TO ADD THIS CODE TO MAKE IT WORK[/b] See above the new code... Cause if a let "http_headers($thumbnail);" code, the images aren't shown... :(
  9. I'm a little bit unsure to use this contribution. Are the results good? Are the new pages created saved on server? Or they are created on the fly? thanks in advance for the reply
  10. Hi, i'm using the 2.1.2 version but i have this problem...because of my catalog is in the root directory, the images don't show.. :(
  11. Giacomo79


    Hi everybody, i'm trying to use this contribution but it doesn't work... :( This is my configure file: define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.triware.it'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', ''); define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '/tricommerce/'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', ''); Considering that my url store is : http://www.triware.it/tricommerce/index.php is it right this configuration? bye and thanks in advance