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  1. amy purple

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    i'm trying to configure authorize.net now, where do you find your receipt/response URL to change it to?
  2. amy purple

    Credit Card Information

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  3. amy purple

    Credit Card Information

    how is it implemented if you would like the cc processed automatically with a merchant acct that isn't authorize.net and there isn't a module for it?
  4. amy purple

    Credit Card Information

    in regards to this, i want to offer cc so people don't have to use paypal which is the only method of payment i currently accept. how does this actually implement into oscommerce? is it like suggested above where you just manually process the credit card information into the merchant acct's website or however it's done (i have no clue) or are there modules (i didn't see the one i'd need listed in the admin section) that automatically process this? Basically, i'm not quite certain how this would work into my website and want an idea before going forward so i know what i'm getting into. thanks.