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  1. IndiaStarker

    Strange Paypal payment - did customer change amount?

    No it's stupid, nevermind.
  2. IndiaStarker

    Strange Paypal payment - did customer change amount?

  3. Yes. Solved for me. MindVerveMedia's solution works great. -i
  4. IndiaStarker

    OrderCheck v2.5.1b problem transferring null date

    THANKS MindVerveMedia, This fixed a problem I had. -i.
  5. Hi, I have a similar problem where NULL is not being written to the database but a double 0.000 instead. Does somebody know what to do to assign NULL to a field with tep_db_perform? Example : $echeances_value1 = NULL; ... $sql_data_array = array(... 'echeances_value1' => $echeances_value1, ... I also tried, $echeances_value1 = ''; and $echeances_value1 = ""; and even $sql_data_array = array(... 'echeances_value1' => NULL, but the database alsways gets 0.000 Perhaps one must modify tep_db_perform :-( ? -i.
  6. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    Thanks blafrog and thanks Jack. Your posts appreciated. No harm done. Its reassuring that things do work as expected. -i.
  7. IndiaStarker

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Hi, First of all, you do not want that: You want this: ó=>o Also, I discovered to see a change, I had to empty the seo cache :rolleyes: ==>Near bottom in admin : Reset SEO URLs Cache Set it to true. The cache will be reset and it will automatically go back to false. -i.
  8. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    Pour la petit histoire, Is anyone (besides Jack who is busy please) with links manager + Ultimate SEO working properly who did not modify the seo class themselves kind enough to grep lPath (or search for the word lPath in the file with another tool) in their includes/classes/seo.classes.php ? Either the response is nothing, in which case it will be chalked up to the mysteries of life or some code will be shown, confirming that indeed there is a version containing supporting code, which may or may not currently exist in the contribs. Noting that a version was deleted at some time because of unhappiness between chemo and friends here, it may be possible that the links supporting version is missing. I only looked at the three d's and compared to my own installed version (d/e) and the seo.class.php file was nearly identical. I for one would have appreciated confirming that the modified seo class did exist at one time if I should consider adding it back to the contrib, since it took some searching to find a solution... Best, -i. Except that it was a problem for me which is now resolved! Simply adding the rewrite code to .htaccess didn't work for me nor for uscetech (his solution posted) as we both wrote in this form several times now. I don't know why it was so hard to reply yes or no that the word lPath exists in the seo.class.php for the compatible version of Ultimate SEO. Either it does, or it doesn't. End of story.
  9. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    Sweetheart its done and working two days ago, pointer to solution posted. Let it go. Glad you have magic. Just tryin' to help those who don't. -i
  10. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    OK too bad. (A simple grep lPath seo.class.php in directory catalog/include/classes would have done it--about 2 secs.) But if you don't need code for links, then why would you need code for categories or products ? Then I could ask, why would you need the seo.class.php at all? Should just work without it ;-) -i.
  11. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    Well that is very strange indeed. I find that there is a problem with relying on version numbers in this osc world since there is no version control on contribs, which is really too bad. There was even a version of Ultimate SEO removed from the contribs. But finally, I cannot see how the code could function if no mention was made to handle links in the seo class. I see for example in the fuction SEO_URL() : before $this->reg_anchors = array('products_id' => '-p-', 'cPath' => '-c-', 'manufacturers_id' => '-m-', 'pID' => '-pi-', 'tPath' => '-t-', 'articles_id' => '-a-', 'products_id_review' => '-pr-', 'products_id_review_info' => '-pri-', 'info_id' => '-i-' ); after $this->reg_anchors = array('products_id' => '-p-', 'cPath' => '-c-', 'manufacturers_id' => '-m-', 'pID' => '-pi-', 'tPath' => '-t-', 'articles_id' => '-a-', 'products_id_review' => '-pr-', 'products_id_review_info' => '-pri-', 'info_id' => '-i-', 'lPath' => '-links-' ); If yours works without any of the changes it sorta seems like magic ! Do you have an idea? Can you post the same section of function SEO_URL() in your seo.class.php ? Look for /** * SEO_URL class constructor * @author Bobby Easland * @version 1.1 * @param integer $languages_id */ function SEO_URL($languages_id){ and further down, $this->reg_anchors = array('products_id' => '-p-', best, i.
  12. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    Yes you need the rewrite line but you need the class support too. It appears that the Ultimate SEO version supporting Links Manager has been removed from the contributions. Fortunately ucetech worked out the solution again, as I wrote above. Here's my other post : Works great. Best, -i.
  13. Big thanks to uscetech for posting how to make Ultimate SEO work with Link Manager. Worked great. Repeated here for conveniance if someone needs it. -i. To all : For the same mail message, I also changed in catalog/admin/links.php, from : if ($links_status_array[$links_status] == 'Approved') to : if ($links_status['id'] == 2) which is better for multi-language stores. Seemed to work but didn't test for various statuses to make sure mail wan't sent. There are more changes like that to make. -i.
  14. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    OK--seems to have been removed. I found this solution by ucetech. I will try it out. -i.
  15. IndiaStarker

    SEO URLS and Links Manager...

    According to Jack's post it would be the one before the last one on December 6 2006 which would be 25 Nov 2006 by yesudo -- but no cigar. A tiny suggestion : since people use the forums over many months, it would be great to mention contribs by name, contributor and date. India