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  1. hi and thanks for the reply, Yes the mod is great and no a error as in a error page. I wil try to explain better. If i use the quick shop account and use my acccount details i.e my name and email address i get taken back to the page with the 3 options (logign in, creat account, direct checkout) but on the top of these options is a text that says "no match found for email and/or password". As I said i was able to find this text in English/login.php and was able to change it to say "we have found a match for one of your details please loginin to your account" i just though after reading the text file that if this was to occour (email match) that the customer would be loged in automaticlly. It is not a big thing and as I was able to change the text so at least the customer gets an explaination it works fine as it is. I was just wondring if I had done something wrong. thanks again for the support and keep up the great work, unpaid you might be, but unappreciated!! you and guys like you are not. TJ
  2. I just installed this mod version 55. It worked first time 9 for a newbie this was like wining the lotto) I have just one question. If i try to login using my account into the quick checkout it does not take me to my account but say error no match for email and/or password. I was able to change that text to say "we have found a match in our database please log in to your account". So problem solved for now. If it is supose to take a customer who has already registered to their account why is mine not doing this or is everyone having this little problem. Over all this is great and a big thanks to man behide the idea.