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  1. FAQ system v.1.0 11/29/2002 - zz_FAQ_SYSTEM v.1.0.zip (2.2-CVS) Author: adgrafics http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ntributions,740 FAQ system can 1.Multilanguage automatically 2.Create questons and answer 3. Edit Faq 4.Delete Faq 5.Activation / DeActivation the Faq 6.Change Queue 7.View All or to chosen language FAQ (only Admin area) 8.Determination of amount of rarefying symbols for Question Note: for default MaxLen = 512 in file zz_faq_form.php var 9.Counter Faq gross amount for chosen language and all 10. Grafical and html possibilities end more... Screen here http://khm.biz -->OSC zz_applications thanks
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    [Contribution] FAQ system v.1.0

    for v.1.0 Change language: Administration-->change language-->faq manager --): I do a new version v.1.1. See please screen http://khm.biz -->zz_applications Corrected mistakes to desksides. There be straight changing language. However, I have problem with JavaScrip (counter) in file zz_faq_form.php Who that can help to correct counterScript mistake? thanks