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  1. I would like to change the title and the text information displayed to the customer when using the flat rate shipping module, by this I mean the text discription by the check box.
  2. I am using the netbanx module with oscommerce and ham having a few issues that need resolving, after payments are accepted the user gets no notification of this even though they are accepted, the payment returns the user to a blank page, rather than a confirmation page. The field that I am passing to netbanx to indicate where to redirect customers to after payment is as follows: For valid payments: callback_passed_url= php?osCsid=<value> For invalid payments: callback_failed_url= id=<value> where <value> indicates the value of osCsid that is being passed by the cart. The osCsid should not be present within these callback urls and are not part of the filenames. Netbanx have informed me that they have not seen this before; The callback fields should only contain the URL, up to the .php part - everything after .php should not be there. I believe the presence of this extra field is causing the blank page, because it is a session variable that should be picked up from the browser, rather than being part of the form. But how to resolve this issue is beyond me, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas
  3. Im in the UK and using streamline as they do the credit card processing in store and I like dealing with as few different companys as possible.. the module im using is Netbanx whom are reccomended by streamline and work closely with them. Netbanx in general are pretty good and helpfull when resolving issues. If the clothing shop already does credit card processing in store, I personally would attempt to use this company as they allready have the shops details which makes obtaining a internet merchant number a faster and easier process and then take guidence regarding what processing company to use.
  4. Im am currently attempting to intergrate Netbanx with OSCommerce on the webhost is Fasthosts do not allow register_globals = on to work with shared hosting. I have attempted to resolve this issue by putting a php.ini file with register_globals = on in the site directorys however this does not work When testing the website payment module, the transaction appears to go through all ok, as indicated by the emails I recieve however after payment the webrowser always returns to a error page rather than confirming the purchase :- The Error States The Following :- Netbanx state this is because of the modules requirement to have register_globals = on yet can not advise me with workarounds,Fasthosts want to resolve this with a dedicated server with increases costs a lot. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas or suggestions to help me resolve this situation.
  5. I have installed the netbanx payment module and following the instructions that netbanx sent me.. it says However I can not locate this setting... Can anyone tell me where it is located please Many thanks
  6. the netbanx payment module, defines a Merchant Directory which it states is The directory of your NetBanx integration however i have no idea what files I am supposed to put in this directory... can anyone help ?