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  1. Hello Bobby, Thanks very much for the Ultimate SEO URLs contribution. It's exactly what I need for my store. I cleared my store off the server (backed up first) and installed a clean milestone 2.2 OSC store. I empited the database of all products, customers, etc. No other contributions are installed. The path to the store is /store/catalog/ . I've installed the files and added the code as directed in the install.htm file. I've logged into the admin section and cleared the cache. I called up the store, but I still see the osCsidblahblahblah. I checked a spider simulator and it too logged the sid. It's true that it's way past my bedtime, but I don't believe I've made mistakes. Can you please let me know (when you have time) what the best guess is as to what I've done wrong? Thanks very much, TS
  2. pixeljuice

    Named anchor tags don't work?

    I adjusted the code in html_output.php and product_info.php as suggested above in this thread. I'd thought to be able to use it in my FAQ page, where topics at the top of the page link down to anchors further down on the same page. <a href="[sp2link]#Anchor-What-49575">What is included in your services?</a> takes me to a "404 Not Found" error page. I did add code to the faq.php page that is similar to the code added to the product_info.php page, with no change. Ideas?