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  1. tmgrood

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I am using STSv4.2 already and like I said Im getting nothing but a blank page except for what looks like my footer showing up at the top of the page. This is a long forum regarding this contribution and I have looked thru most all of it but still no luck with my problem. It seems to be geared more towards people who understand the whole STS thing. Im sure its some setting I have wrong in Admin possibly but from what I understand I should be able to set it to true while in Default and at least see something. Im not even sure what place holders are and will do some google searching to get more familiar with the terms. Was just hoping there was something written more for newbies but I look forward to reading the installation tutorial you have coming. Thanks for your patience.
  2. tmgrood

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Is there anyplace within these forum walls that kind of explains in more detail about how to set things up as far as this contribution. I have seen it in action and think its great and have uploaded everything as instructed. STS shows up in my admin/modules and everything seems to be fine but when I enable it, my site looses everything except what looks like the footer info, up at the top of the page. Like I said, if someone could point me in the right direction within this site where I could find info from a newbies eyes. Thanks.
  3. tmgrood

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I have downloaded this contribution you have listed above but it doesnt have any installation instructions in the read me file. Do you download a previous version to find the complete instructions? Thanks
  4. tmgrood

    Keyword Show in Admin

    A little help please!! Before this ends of on the last page of these forums.
  5. Ive installed the contribution. Ive read and followed the instructions over and over. Im not getting any error messages like others have posted. I did at one time but figured that one out. Its just that im not getting any Keyword information like its supposed to give. Ive put an empty file in my tmp folder which is placed in my Admin directory and ive got the right path to it. Ive tried setting the permissions at various settings and still no luck. SQL file is in place. Dont know what else to do. HELP!!
  6. tmgrood

    Keyword Show

    I've done everything mentioned to do in the contribution read me file and im still having no luck. Empty log file is in place, correct path is leading to it. I'm not getting any error messages, im just not getting any info when I click on Keyword Show in Admin. Not sure what the problem is. Any suggestions??
  7. tmgrood

    Shipping calculated by Zip Code

    Yeah, I changed zip, state and city also
  8. tmgrood

    Shipping calculated by Zip Code

    I'm curious if I have this set right.
  9. tmgrood

    Shipping calculated by Zip Code

    Hey Henry, So I wonder why CA and NY were showing the same for me. It did change from my zip to CA but CA to NY shouldnt be the same.
  10. All I want to do is have calculated shipping via USPS by the buyers zip code. I have my USPS account all set up and seems to be working fine. I am on their production server. I live in Washington state and when testing I'm getting the same shipping price on shipments to California and New York and thats my problem. I only ship within the US and offer Express, Priority and Parcel. Those options are showing up fine along with the weight of products during checkout. I have my Country of Origin set up as US, Postal Code from where I am is set up in Admin/Configuration/Shipping Packaging. Under Admin/Modules/Shipping I have USPS enabled but not sure if I need to enter each state in there. Right now its set at none. Under Admin/Locations/Countries I have all US states listed. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated because ive done searches in the forums and have read the Knowledge Base.
  11. Ive just installed the contribution and it looks great. I made a few changes like removing the alphabet letters at the top of the page and changed the color of the All Products text to suit my site but in all, everything works and looks great.
  12. tmgrood

    Custom Computer Creator

    Thanks safoo.
  13. How do I add products in this contribution? Is it thru the SQL file or program? Or is it some other way. thanks.
  14. tmgrood

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    Yeah, I didnt see <title><?php echo META_TAG_TITLE; ?></title> in the file mentioned either. I thought of adding the code where you mentioned but since it didnt work for you I think I will leave mine as is. Thanks for sharing that.