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  1. Hi This is a brilliant contribution as I really needed each order to be personalised. What I need now is to make at least one of the text boxes I have added a mandatory field. I have looked at lots of java and php suggestions, but am struggling with this. Any help very much appreciated.
  2. Hi This has been asked before, but I haven't found a solution: is there a way to ensure that the customer is automatically logged out at the end of their transaction? They are not aware they are logged in so this may be a potential security issue for them.
  3. I have searched all over this thread with no success so apologies if this is covering old ground. I need a straight through checkout with no account options at all so FEC seems to fit the bill if I strip out part of the nav bar. I'm looking do the following: Bearing in mind that as far as customers are concerned, they are not "logged in" ensure customers are "logged out" at the end of their purchase ensure customers can cancel (i.e. log out) at any stage during the order so their order history and other details are not accessible to anyone ensure the checkout "times out" if they accidentally leave their browser open but haven't completed the checkout process. Can anyone confirm FEC does this, or what approach is best to achieve this? Thanks in advance
  4. That's the problem - Paypal understandably forbid it - you have to include the fee in your retail price just like everyone else.
  5. This is not strictly to do with OSC, but you are risking getting on the wrong side of Paypal, the law or both: The price paid by a customer has to cover all your costs, unless you explicitly apply other charges or fees and many payment systems including Paypal will not allow you to do that to cover their charges. If a customer complains to paypal after they've paid, they'll get the charge refunded from your paypal account so they are quite likely to do this, especially if it means they are then getting a really good deal. Your account will then be suspended. If you add hidden charges you will end up dealing with Paypal, card companies, Trading Standards (or whatever your equivalent is), etc. as it is usually illegal to advertise one price and charge another. Remember that your customer is actually the one paying the paypal fee via your price, so Paypal (etc) is not costing YOU anything at all, its just reducing your profit margin. Therefore the only way you can "lose any money" through Paypal or another payment system is if your prices are too low to cover the cost. beside all that, most of your customers will be happier with an honest pricing system with no hidden charges and no nasty surprises at checkout. :)
  6. errmm... yes. it breaks the buttons. scrub previous post!
  7. Hi Tim Thanks for getting back. I solved the problem by comparing the code for the two different style buttons, for example in product_info.php: and changed the code to: and I have my browser generated buttons. Problem is they look amazing on OSX browsers like Safari but a bit dull on IE. At least they are now consistent. I guess the reverse should work to get them all css generated? Would there be issues with this? Thanks again
  8. Sorry - I realise i have been unclear abour what i want here - I've commented out the .cssbutton part of my style sheet but some buttons are not system, just plain text, such as reviews - what should I be looking for to fix these? cheers
  9. I'm using css buttons but suffring from the inconsistencies of browsers. I'd like to just use default buttons (windows, osx etc), but can't figure out how to this. I'm sure this is going to be simple.... cheers
  10. Thanks again for the speedy response. It was my tiredness - a fresh look this morning and I'd made a simple mistake in the index.php file so nothing was changing on the shop front. Works a treat now, so sorry to take up your time. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the speedy response. It may just be my low level of coding knowledge, or just tiredness, but I'm not getting the result I want. I have removed most of the info boxes from the left hand column, so the column is now quite short. When the main area extents beyond the length of the info boxes, I'm left with a white space at the bottom of the left hand column. I suspect the solution is simple, but its just not working for me. I have a new column_left class in my stylesheet, but the background colour won't extend beyond the bottom of the last info box.
  12. Hi - I have installed the basic design pack and its saved me hours of tweaking after having to start from scratch after a disk failure - so thanks. I am struggling trying to give the entire left hand column a background colour and can't find a class for it. I managed this on my previous site, but that wasn't using this contribution. Either something has changed or I am missing something I found before.... Where would I find one or create a class for the left_column so I can set a colour? Thanks