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  1. Amy, which version is it that worked for you?
  2. rodazac

    Header Tags for novices

    Thanks, Ken. Needing a separate modification to the categories_description table answers the question about adding descriptions and keywords to the index.php/cPath/x pages. I'll just have to wait and see if this is added to a future update. Thanks again for a great contribution. Bob
  3. rodazac

    Header Tags for novices

    What I referred to as the categories pages are indeed the index pages for the various categories in the categories box (e.g., index.php/cPath/21, index.php/cPath/22, etc., for as many categories as are in the box) I'm not sure Ken, why you say the categories box is irrelevant and if the irrelevance pertains to the index.php/cPath/x pages as well. Like the products_info.php pages, the title and meta tags for the index.php/cPath/x pages use the title of the respective categories by default; however, unlike the products_info.php pages the description and keywords can't be modified via admin/header_tags_edit.php. How to modify the description and keywords on the index.php/cPath/x pages is the question. Although it made common sense to me to refer to the index.php/cPath/x pages as "categories pages", I do understand why, when there is no such thing as a categories.php page, it's necessary to be more precise.
  4. rodazac

    Header Tags for novices

    Great contribution and easy to install. The product pages work great but I can't figure out how to change the description and keywords on the categories pages. In searching this thread I found the same question has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Anyone have an answer for Amy...and me? The file description says it is a complete package and all of the other new files listed in the install guide are there. Bob