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  1. raddygast

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi all, I have a quick question that I'm sure someone can answer easily. I have been using Paypal-IPN for months now, and everything is cool. However, recently, I've had a couple of orders go awry. Now I had set up a button in my Paypal checkout process to say "CLICK TO COMPLETE ORDER" and 99% of customers clicked it and everything was fine. But on two recent orders, it appears they did not click it. The order was logged fine, I received payment notification in osC (and the order status was updated to Paid), but the items were not deducted from my osC inventory, nor was an order notification email copy sent to me. I had to manually mess with the DB to fix inventory levels. I have heard that AUTORETURN is not necessary for Paypal-IPN users, but can I still use it, in case the customer doesn't click the button? I want the order to be finalized and GO THROUGH. I wish there was a way to get osC to automatically let the order be processed once it receives the IPN from Paypal, but maybe that's too complicated. If I set autoreturn to on, what URL do I use? checkout_success.php or checkout_process.php? That's the main question I guess.
  2. I am a logical, patient person. What I am not, however, is an expert on how all the osC php modules interact with each other, how various database variables get assigned different names in different files or functions, and so forth. I have done a decent job so far integrating most of my added contribs with SPPC, but I am very wary of CCGV because I've been told that, other than SPPC, it is the second HUGEST most invasive module in all of osC contrib-dom. I really don't see why it should be so problematic (at least not as problematic as SPPC, which has to radically alter all the calls to obtain pricing, has to add fields in the DB for every product, etc.) Is there, perhaps, another contrib out there with a very simple function -- the ability to make redeemable coupon codes, either use-once, or ones that don't expire until you tell them to? A customer could simply enter this on checkout and get a simple cash discount, no muss no fuss. The only thing that should probably be altered is checkout_payment.php. CCGV seems to be a bit more comprehensive and ambitious than I really need. I don't think I necessarily need shipping options to become available as a coupon (though it might be useful). I don't think I need the gift voucher either -- though that would also be nice. Really the main thing is to be able to give discount codes. How many files does CCGV alter?
  3. Can somebody tell me -- honestly, mind you -- how much of a drag it is to install this mod in combination with Separate Pricing per Customer? I really want to be able to have Coupon Codes (for discounts, and/or one-off free shipping options, etc.) but I don't want to spend three full 16-hour days installing this. Sounds like people have nothing but headaches with this thing. Is it a case of "only the vocal minority complain" ??
  4. raddygast

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    You don't need to enter anything in the PayPal My Profile section. The IPN module will pass the URL itself, if it's set up correctly. As for the 0.01 rounding with sales tax, it's good to hear that it can be circumvented with per-item. That doesn't work for me, though, because it's a currency issue for me and per-item vs. aggregate changes nothing.
  5. raddygast

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Wow, I feel stupid. I saw your first reply to me on the topic, but I must have misplaced the notification message that you had replied again. I didn't even see that post 1327! Anyway, I did what you said and it works like a charm. You are my saviour. That is really awesome, because I thought I would have to seriously alter the way create_account.php worked. I didn't think it would be so easy to register session variables. Cheers! Works great now.
  6. raddygast

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    JanZ, I have an urgent dilemma. I'm currently using SPPC in a weird way, because I don't have the time to figure out how to apply the Credit Class and Gift Voucher system. I'm using SPPC to create a store opening promotion, which is 10% off plus free shipping in North America. The discount is defined manually for all my products (10% less than the retail price for customer group 1), and the free shipping is based on being in customer group 1. I have changed the account creation php file to automatically put customers into group 1. I have put instructions EVERYWHERE in bold red letters that after creating an account, customers need to log off then log back on to see the promo pricing. But nobody is following the instructions, and I just had four orders today that were aborted, probably because the customers thought to themselves "where the hell is that free shipping?" It is totally counter-intuitive to create an account and then not have osC force you to log onto it. I don't understand fully how the code is designed but it seems to let you create an account and then it lets you do whatever you want, within that account, but it doesn't do the customer_group checking upon login, because you never actually log in when you make the account. Is there any way around this? Is there an easy way to FORCE a logoff after account creation, so that the customer has to log in afterwards? Or is there a way for SPPC to display proper pricing without a manual log-in? Please give me some hints -- I think I'm losing business because of this!
  7. Make sure you have the EOREOR as the last field of each line.
  8. I should be a bit more clear regarding my problem. I have a bunch of products, some of which have integer values for products_cardatk and products_carddef. Other products have no values for those fields. When I do a manual SQL UPDATE command setting products_cardatk (and def) = NULL WHERE someothercriteria=matched, everything is cool. When I download the file in EP, the correct fields are blank (empty cells) where they should be, and contain values where they should. The problem occurs when I make any changes (or even not) and re-upload the file through EP. Even if I delete the v_products_cardatk and v_products_carddef fields entirely (like I sometimes do with other fields, saves on upload time, and if nothing has changed, then it should be fine) ... even if I do that, it STILL sets all products that have blank cells in that field to 0. At first I thought I was misunderstanding how EP works with those $default_these fields. I now understand that EP is not smart enough to leave values alone if it encounters a blank cell. For example, I have some products with values, well, EP obviously updates those values. But if I have other products with no entries in that field, EP isn't smart enough to just NOT UPDATE them in the DB -- it seems to do some sort of weird defaulting. Ok, that's a limitation, I thought. Annoying, but I can work around it. So I assumed that what EP meant by "default these" is that if the ENTIRE column/field is missing upon upload, then it leaves all values in that field alone. However, for me, this still isn't working with my own fields (and it may have to do with the fact that it's a tinyint). Even if I use the abbreviated mode to download, make some changes, and re-upload, even if my new fields were never even in the file to begin with, EP somehow sets them all to 0 except the ones that originally had values. It isn't overwriting the ones with values, it's just overwriting all the NULLs and replacing with 0. I have made changes to my EP file of course. I'd be happy to post it up here if anyone were willing to take a look.
  9. I have a strange problem with EP 2.76-MS2. I went through a long process to add my own fields to the product database and update all the osc files that needed to be updated. It was a several-hour long process. Everything works great now, and I've updated EP to be able to deal with the new fields as well. I have added my new fields to the $default_these array: i.e. $default_these = array( 'v_products_image', 'v_categories_id', 'v_products_price', 'v_products_quantity', 'v_products_cardBLAH', ... 'v_products_cardatk', 'v_products_carddef', .... Everything is cool except for one thing. cardatk and carddef are both defined as such in my DB: products_cardatk tinyint(3) Yes NULL products_carddef tinyint(3) Yes NULL They are tinyints, under the "NULL" column they are set to Yes, and they are supposed to DEFAULT to NULL. For some reason, whenever I use EP to upload a tab-delimited file, even though there is NOTHING (i.e. blank cells) in the v_products_cardatk and def fields, the products get inserted into the DB with a value of zero (0) for both those fields. I have done manual SQL updates to reset those back to NULL. But everytime I do another EP upload, it gets set back to 0. I can't figure out why. In the DB, the field itself is allowed to be Null (YES) and defaults to NULL. I have the atk and def fields in EP's $default_these array. So what else am I missing. What is EP doing that makes it tack on the 0 value no matter what I do? Would appreciate any help with this. I'm sure it's an easy fix and I'm overlooking something.
  10. raddygast

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    It's not possible to edit posts, unfortunately, so I just wanted to say I added that bit into create_account.php, and it worked. Customers are being stuck into the correct customer group upon account creation. However, this has led to another bizarre (probably easy to fix) problem. Say I create a new account, and the create_account_success page comes up. I continue to browse, and I am logged into that new account, however none of the new customer group prices show up -- everything is retail. I went to Admin control panel and verified the new account was indeed in the correct customer group. It's just the prices were not reflecting that. So I hit "log off" and then logged that new account back in, and suddenly all the prices were showing correctly. I suspect this is because when you create an account, it doesn't actually log you in under that account, or at least it doesn't go through all the checks that would happen when you do a login with your email and password. Any way to fix this? Is it an SPPC problem, or (more likely) is it crappy design of the new account creation process? Maybe I can just put a message in create_account_success.php that tells the user to hit LOG OFF and sign back in.
  11. raddygast

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    JanZ, thanks for that. I understand how that works and I'm eager to insert it into the code, but I could not find a reference to which file needs to be updated. Is it create_account.php?
  12. raddygast

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    JanZ, This is a bit of an emergency. I am launching in less than two days and I've passed out some promotional business cards to some targeted clientele saying that for the first week, everything is 10% off, if they create an account on August 29. However, I only want people who've got the business cards to receive that 10% off. I don't have the time or the courage to install Credit Class and Gift Voucher (yet), which seems to be a HUGE mod (like SPPC), so I was wondering if you could tell me where to go to change the following: I want everyone who creates an account to be automatically entered into a specific customer group (not the Retail one -- I want it to be the second one I created so customer_group_id 1). How do I change the osC files so that all new accounts default to this customer group? After that one day I'll change it back, so only people who registered that day will get the status. Then I'll change everyone back to Retail after one week (manually, using a SQL UPDATE command or something). It's just important that they automatically be created in that group, because otherwise I have to do it manually and people usually will want to order stuff right away, not sign up, wait a few hours, then log back in and order. I'm sure you know exactly where to change this so if you could just point me to the correct line of code I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. raddygast

    Canada Post Module Postal Code Illegal

    Can someone explain to me what this mod does, and why it needs to communicate with a Canada Post server? Also, why does it need your Canada Post Customer ID? Is this basically supposed to be an "accurate" shipping calculator, based on dimensions, weight, and destination? Or do you have to manually update it with Canada Post's different rates, if their rates go up and down? Or does it calculate shipping based on destination address, i.e. recipient is in Vancouver so Xpresspost costs X, recipient is in Toronto so Xpresspost costs Y, etc.? I'd love to find out whether to tear my hear out installing this mod (i.e. is it really worth it) or not. I will be selling to both Canada and the US and I think maybe all the Canada Post jargon can scare customers away, since it is unfamiliar to Americans.
  14. I guess I had downloaded the Apr 30 2005 version, which looks like the last official version since your contrib is called "Easy Populate with Product Attributes". But then again I have used the array modification, so I'm not sure which version I used! Wish these contribs were a bit more centralized in the way they are released and named. I often never know which version to download because so many different people seem to upload different versions with different tweaks. In your version I notice there are 7 easypopulate files -- is it a special customized version for each one corresponding to the other package listed in the name? (e.g. easypopulate_vendoremail.php, easypopulate_pricebreak.php)
  15. This is just a question, but why on earth does easypopulate default to semicolon when EVERYONE seems to advise excel tab delimited? Why couldn't easypopulate.php default to the \t as a delimiter? It really makes no sense to force people to change it -- it's just one more thing that can go wrong, and apparently from this thread, it often does.