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  1. schroedy_1

    Master Products - MS2

    Hey ho! I?m tried the last times a lot, but I couldn?t solve the problem I described in Post #1209. Does some have an idea or can help me? That would be awesome :-) Take care and thanx, Schroedy_1
  2. schroedy_1

    Master Products - MS2

    Huhm, I guess, that?s not the problem. I don?t have attributes on the masters. I deleted them, because I want to use now the great Master Products Contrib. I got an idea. Is it possible to write a code and add it to the product_info containing the following meaning: If I configure the master quantity to 999 and write a command for exactly an amount of 999 (=> if master quantity is 999 then add TEXT_STOCK_NEW under the picture.... or something like that)... Do you know what I mean? The problem is that I can write a commanc for that because I?m not good enough in php... Regards, Schroedy_1
  3. schroedy_1

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi Steve! I?m sorry. I guess I don?t understand what you mean with the master attributes. Can you describe me, what this is? Regards, Schroedy_1
  4. schroedy_1

    Master Products - MS2

    Hello guys, first of all I wanna thank you Matti for the great contrib and his support. Also the other guys who helped the users to make it better and working. For me - who has some problems in understanding the english language sometimes - the contrib is not working as it should be. Maybe it?s discussed in the last pages, but I haven?t foudn a conclusion yet. I read lots of threads and comments and tried lots of updates. But nothing worked for me. I guess, it?s some kind of simple problem, but I can?t solve it for myself. I have a master with some slaves in my shop. And also some products without slaves and it?s also no master. There is always the information (quantity or out of stock) under the picture. I want this information only on the "normal" products", which haven?t a slave. The master shouldn?t have that, because you can?t buy them! You can only buy the slaves. I hope you understand that and can help me. This would be awesome! I can show you the examples for the master and "normal" product: master and normal product Thanx for your help and my best regards! Schroedy_1