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  1. whoisjb

    Category Discount

    Is ANYONE going to solve this problem? I'd like to hear more from the contributor of this module. He/she had some really odd ways of calculating the discount total and tax amount in that file (ot_cat_qvb_discount.php). I had to alter the code just to get it working at all. However, I'm still having the issue of the tax not being calculated correctly. This was the original code: $this->discounts[$i]['cart'] = $this->discounts[$i]['cart'] + $cart->get_quantity($products[$p]['id']); $this->discounts[$i]['value'] = $this->discounts[$i]['value'] + ($products[$p]['price']+$products_tax)*$cart->get_quantity($products[$p]['id']); $this->discounts[$i]['tax'] = $this->discounts[$i]['tax'] + ($products[$p]['price']*$products_tax/100); $this->tax_amount = $this->tax_amount + $this->discounts[$i]['tax']; Why would you add the $products_tax to the price? This will never equal the correct discount total. Then the tax_amount is being calculated as the total tax on one item in the cart before the discount. What kind of math is this? Very frustrating to say the least! We really need this to calculate tax correctly which is AFTER the discount has been deducted. Please help!
  2. whoisjb

    Shipping Problems

    Well it looks like nobody ever resolved your problem with UPS. I'm having the same problem. The only option we want to offer is UPS, however when I enable it, it simply does not show up on the checkout page. I have the sort order set to 0 and I'm not sure what else I need to do. Any ideas?
  3. whoisjb

    Create accounts from Administration

    Which contribs are you using to force login? We need to use this on our franchise-only site. I've been looking for those contribs but not finding them easily.