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  1. Hi, I installed Ultimate SEO few months ago, it was working great, until recently I updated my database with Easy Populate. Now all the URLs is written without any seperators between words: www.mysite.com/christiandiordeepradianceexfoliatingcream25oz-p-385.html where does all the "-" go??? I'm pulling my hairs... please help! Thanks a lot!
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    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    BTW, my store is a STS store, with HTC, Easy Populate, Easier Field contrib installed. Please suggest!
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    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Hi, I installed SEF v1.8 and the url got updated correctly. The only problem I got is that now the product_info page has been replaced with: Product not found! I read some previous post that this contrib essentially combined index.php and product_info.php together. Wonder what went wrong in the process? I would grately appreciate if someone can give me some hint on which file to debug with! Thanks!
  4. Got no luck to receive any replies.... I thought Jack has added sth in the contribution so that it supports category on page title, just not sure how to use it.... Jack, any clues? Thanks!!!
  5. Hi, I installed HTC 2.5.4 and it works great for me. I can see product name on each product page. Now I want to change it a little bit to display category, product name and product description in the page title. What should I do? Thanks!