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  1. mafianumerique.com

    Orders attached to wrong customer after payment

    I'm having the same problem, and it's with a different payment method (Debit card with ATOS) It seems to be a very recent problem (for us anyway) Did you guys figure out what the problem was? Thanks
  2. mafianumerique.com

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks for this great contrib. Just one thing : It doesn't manage multi-language stores. I had to add a couple of lines in the queries: "AND products_description.language_id=4" "AND categories_description.language_id=4" It divided the query time by four! (we use 4 different languages in our store) There must be a better way to do this
  3. mafianumerique.com

    Disabling Shipping

    It's not under orders, it's under modules