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  1. I am using OSC 2.2ms2-051113 No presently i have Credit Class Gift Voucher 1.51a installed No I have not changed the products_attributes.php file Only a few of my options do not display option values. I am missing option values for Bindery and B C Slits that are listed on page two The ID for those options go from 11-17. If you look back at the screenshot Ajax Attribute Manager will properly display they attributes and options listed on page one. It is the values listed on page 2 that do not show up. I have circled the page number in red. I would assume I have the three default languages installed, I only filled out the english fields.
  2. I have added some screen shots to make what i am talking about understandable. I have entered my attributes and their values. I have a total of 4 Product Options and 13 Values. My product option values carry over to page 2. When i go to add a new product the attribute values on page2 are not being read by AJAX Attributes Manager. I hope the screen shot will help
  3. Hey no fair you answered his question before mine...My attribute options on page 2 are not being loaded by Attribue Manager
  4. I have installed the contribution and I have a problem, whenever i go to add my attributes the option values listed on page two of the product attributes page do not show in AJAX Attributes Manager. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone experience this problem? <_<
  5. I have searched far and near and still no cigar, I would like to have a custom category page, however I do not know the codes to use to bring up the product picture, the product name and the more info button. The codes I have tried to use are: $productname $imagesmall my website uses sts for the custom layout and i am trying to implement the this feature: These are the templates for specific categories, where ??? should be replaced by the categoryID or cPath for the category index.php_???.html