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  1. Question on sub categories.. I have a category called "Basket Ball" with multiple sub categories "ball and accessories", "hoops" and "footwear". What i want to do is.. that when i am in the sub category "Hoops" I want to be able to see the other category headings in a box.. is this possible ?
  2. Dr Dre

    Price Updater

    has anyone used this addon ?? How can i undo my changes .. I have applied a 15% discount and i want to remove it now.. please help
  3. spooks.. i have read your instructions... also ... i have my dimensions in the 'Images" in admin set to 150x150 .. so i am lost at y i have some huge images coming up making stretch the html tables.. on another note... if by setting the "product listing image width" to 150.. shouldnt that over force the images to be at that width and nothing bigger ?? Also is it possible to hard code the heights into the code ???
  4. Question.. I have set the size" Product Image Width in listing" to 150... and yet some of the thumbnails in the list coming up above 150 in width.. y is that ?
  5. hi guys.. i am in the admin for this.. And i want to change the height of the thumbnail images... but i am only seeing something to change the width.. "Product Listing Image width".. where can i adjust the height ?
  6. hi SAM, Is there any way to customize the product listing page further as i had posted with my pic earlier ?
  7. Thanks for all your help sam... i miss understood the read me file.. but after a few reads i get it ... i was wondering if it was possible to do with your addon ??
  8. Thanks for the reply SAM.. I have read the readme in connection with "3" .. but i am a little confused. I am assuming that i have to edit the product_listing_Setup.php file to change those variables. For example to have the default view as listing instead of thumbnail.. i would have to edit which line int he product_listing_setup.php file ?? it might sound like a dumb quesiton.. but i am just making sure i dont screw thigns up :(
  9. SAM can u help me with these questions.. in this image .. 1) How can i remove the category image listed as 1 2) How can i get a nice border look.. i am not using the graphic border option.. but i was wondering if i can use a nice css colour scheme for the border.. instead of that hard old html look 3) How can i move that from the bottom and place it to the top of listing ??? Also can i change the listing to 5, 10, etc .. instead of starting at 20 ? Now with this second image How show the full image size instead of the scretched small one and also the cut out one.. i want to show the full image i have there.. And lastly with this image .. how can i get the Category headings there to be in a nice border thingy like the rest.. please advise.
  10. Dr Dre

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    i got passs the sql error.. just that now if i buy anyhting the cart comes up empty.
  11. Dr Dre

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    1054 - Unknown column 'popt.products_options_track_stock' in 'field list' guys i get this error when i follow the steps... please help.