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  1. Hello, First, use cache only if you have both : xsell and enabled/disabled categories. I added the cache system because i didn't have enough time to make the sql query nicely and quickly and these 2 contribs have already been installed by someone else. So, don't install cache if you don't use enabled/disabled categories (comment lines //cache). If you use it, and you have enough time to increase the slow sql query, it'll be better ! do it and update me :-" " In fact, if you use enable/disabled categories, one where in sql query is missing : "where c.categories_status='1'" and a left join onto "TABLE_CATEGORIES". I hope this will help you. I'll try to check code, but at this moment i've a lot a work, so i can't promise something.
  2. Hello, This contribution doesn't support php5 :'( --> "FPDF error: GIF parser: unable to open file" Maybe a patch here :;atid=668888
  3. Hi, I have an unsolded cart in report tool, and customer send me money order without validate his cart. How can i validate his cart ? Thanks
  4. That's all right, i thinked it'a add this to product's page too. Maybe a new feature ! See this link :
  5. Hi, In admin, i've enabled this : Add category parent to begining of URLs? But i didn't category parent in url :( How i can enabled this great feature ? many thanks for help :thumbsup:
  6. Hi, My newsdesk_index.tpl.php doesn't work :-( and i don't undestand why it doesn't... I'll very happy if anyone could post his full code. Many thanks
  7. Hi ! I use BTS and i'm trying to install Infobox skin manager. It doesn't seem to work very nice : I can't change boxes skin. How can i do it ? Thanks PS : I tested it on a fresh MS2 install, it works fine ! That's a great contrib. I hope i can install it with my BTS !
  8. Hi, I want to make my first tempate, and i'm looking for basic template system howto. Could you help me ? Thanks.
  9. Hi ! I had install header_tag controller on my osc MS2. Do you know if y can install BTS now ? Thanks.