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  1. propsydye

    Master Products - MS2

    Hello Matti forgive me if this subject is covered previously, I have searched on a few occasions and found no reference. I would like to associate my slaves to their masters by the masters model number rather than by the masters product_id. If it is possible for you to indicate where I would begin with the changes I would greatly appreciate that. Thank You and Good Day
  2. There is not a problem. The sppc headers and data are only included if you choose to download model/price/qty not if you download the full file. It can be changed, but whoever slipped it into the code only included it for that section.
  3. propsydye

    [Contrib] Quick Price Updates for SPPC

    Hi JanZ just wondering, do you think this could be adapted to work for the pricebreaks as well?
  4. propsydye

    Master Products - MS2

    Try this: in shopping_cart.php find: $master_prod = tep_db_query("select products_master, products_master_status change to $master_prod = tep_db_query("select products_master, products_master_status, products_listing_status next find: if (isset($products[$i]['attributes']) && is_array($products[$i]['attributes'])) { change to: if (isset($products[$i]['attributes']) && is_array($products[$i]['attributes']) && ($master_prod_values['products_listing_status'] == 1)) { This worked for me.