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  1. Bali Hai

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    You're absolutely right, Andrea. I had a smilar quandry regarding brand, but I just gave it my wife's name since my website incorporates her first name. I used Siti for the brandname. But soaps may give you an edge in searches. Based on your comments I am reconsidering using jewelry for a brandname. Regarding shipping, what you have is Ok and format is perfect. If you want to enter others, just separate with a comma. Here is what Google says: The shipping options available for the product. Format: Each shipping option consists of three sub-attributes: the country an item will ship to (as an ISO 3166 country code), the delivery speed for the shipment, and the price of shipping (required). Up to 10 shipping options can be included for each item. For tab-delimited, separate each sub-attribute by a colon and each shipping option by a comma. For XML, the three sub-attributes are country, service, and price. Include each shipping option as a separate <shipping> attribute. Tab-delimited example: US:Ground:5.95,US:Overnight:35.95 XML example: <g:shipping> <g:country>US</g:country> <g:service>Ground</g:service> <g:price>5.95</g:price> </g:shipping> <g:shipping> <g:country>US</g:country> <g:service>Overnight</g:service> <g:price>35.95</g:price> </g:shipping> Notice price is required for each method you enter . . . which means it can't be variable based on destination. Not sure if it really means much unless you're using Google Checkout. My website uses the USPS and UPS methods to calculate based on weight, carrier, and destination. :D
  2. Bali Hai

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    You can set up a default manufacturer, but it isn't necessary. I don't use the field and the feed works fine. Since these new attributes are required by Google and you have modified the file according to the contribution, you must enable the Advance Optional Values by setting $optional_sec equal to 1. Then, set the things you want to feed equal to 1. Specifically, set $manufacturer equal to 0 (approx. line 47). Hope this helps.
  3. No matter how many links I have, "Check Links" (which checks All Links) in admin never checks the last entry. It always checks one less than the total number of links. How do I correct this?
  4. Almost everything seems to work good with contribution, but I have one problem. I only have 8 links at present and am adding a selected few as they come in. When I use the "check link" button for a single link, the reciprocal site is found or not found correctly. But when I use the "Check Links" button, the last addition is not checked (and of course not reported in my list). In other words, if I add another new listing, the one previously added is checked and reported, but the newest one is not (again!). No errors are reported. It is probably how the query is written from the SQL table, but I'm not sure where to correct this in the file http://mysite.com/admin/links.php?selected_box=links Note: my "catalog" files are in my root. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Bali Hai

    Stock Status in Product Listing

    :D David, An absolutely great TOP QUALITY contribution!!! Everything works as advertised if you FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, LETTER by LETTER! The only problem I encountered was that I forgot to comment out some of the program to be deleted. THANKS, Dennis :rolleyes:
  6. Bali Hai

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I just finished installing this mod and tested it on my site. The order was duplicated twice, total of 3 identical orders with numbers #22, #23, #24. Only one item was ordered! Anyone have this happen or know what the problem could be? :angry:
  7. That means that your server doesn't use the Lynx program . . . or possibly your syntax is wrong. If you haven't already, look in your Admin Tools/Server Info on line 4, "Server API" . . . it should either be CGI or Apache. Both of them have different commands, and even variations within the 2 types. Then look at http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act=ST&f=12&t=104175 There are a lot of variables that can cause the problem. The best thing I can suggest is to do what I did . . . try every few minutes with different commands until I hit upon the right one with the right syntax. It can be something as simple as a "period" or "slash" in the wrong place. Good luck! Dennis
  8. Sure, just change the time to run on the server CRON Tab. You should be able to set any time such as 5 minutes ahead, then submit job to server, then wait for your email. Also, make sure you set the time based on the server's time frame. I am in Eastern time and my server is in Central. I didn't realize this until my email came back an hour later. Don't forget to set your schedule time back to what you normally want after you see that it is working. Wish you success. Dennis
  9. To those who have their "catalog" installed in the root . . . that is, your product_thumb.php file is in the root directory. If you get a "not found link" (x's) to the thumbnail image, check your path in your product_thumb.php file, ~ line 40. My "thumbnails" directory is in the root, off my domain name. I changed line 40 from to Hope this helps. Cheers :)
  10. To anyone using Chemo's XML Sitemap and having CRON problems . . . The generic command output with the googlesitemap/index.php file is incorrect for some servers. :angry: If you use a server where the PHP API was installed as an Apache module and not a CGI module, you must use a different command. The "php" or "/usr/local/bin/php" command prefix will not work! I have used the following command and it runs my job successfully: lynx -dump http://mydomainname/googlesitemap/index.php After many hours of searching the forum I found a good explanation on the forum at CRON Explanation. Cheers! :)
  11. I'm also getting a similar message from my CRON email. It reads: For me, running the index.php sitemap.xml generator from my browser works fine. And it seems to work fine for Google. Just my CRON job is hosed. I have looked all over the Forum, but can't find an answer to this. I am reasonbly sure it is a path problem, but I don't know where. Anyone know an answer?
  12. I would like to use this contribution also, but can't get it to work. :angry: Since Chemo (Bobby) is not allowed on the Support Forum, I hope someone else can help. I have a dropdown javascript menu loaded into the header.php file. I want to keep the session id. Whenever someone logs in or creates an account, then clicks on any of the javascript menus, the session id is lost and shopping cart items disappear. :o Dennis