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  1. Hi all In the past i have always used product attibutes to link products to master products however it isnt the best way as it doesnt help with our stock system. Does anyone know what this site is using to do this? Its exactly what we need. Any help would be greatfully recieved.
  2. Hi I run 2 different stores and i have a number of domain names selling the same products. Basically the idea is to create mini sites pointing to the sites to drive traffic to the products - so no add to cart would be required just product listings and links to the products on the stores and display of price. Is this something oscommerce is capable of? Or am i wasting my time and better off just creating the sites from HTML scratch. The products dont change too often in price although there are over 80 products to list.
  3. This is the same method we are looking to use. We currently have a PDQ machine in the store and I would like to just process the orders offline as it seems like a cheaper option, especially as we sell at low margins and the cost of a internet merchant account along with payment processing seems to be expensive ~ or maybe thats just me? Anyway, the site currently hosted by webfusion, wheres the best place to get a SSL certifcate, and whos doing them for free? Please help Andrew