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  1. jason13

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    DUH... told you. Since my hosting service doesn't give me a shell, I have to rely on either FTP or cpanel. I opted for cpanel and unzipped it there. Unfortunately, it didn't overwrite the files in the includes folder.
  2. jason13

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I know I am missing something painfully obvious here, but I've followed the install instructions. When you say "test" are you referring to bringing up the sts_template.html or the current front page to the store? When I bring up the sts_template.html from a brower, I none of the tags are converted. Everything is displayed as though there was no server-side processing on them. So I see... $catmenu $categorybox $manufacturerbox $whatsnewbox $searchbox $informationbox ...in the left column. I'm sure I missed something obvious, but I cannot tell what it is. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Might it have something to do with the fact that my hosting provider installs oscommerce through CPANEL?