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  1. archangel_mike

    Payment Modules will not Update

    AH HA!!! Thanks Bill. So obviously the module is not installing properly. I obviously misunderstood this thread - thanks for clarifying that. I'll keep at it Thanks again Mike
  2. archangel_mike

    Payment Modules will not Update

    Hi all Esp Bill :-) Probably posted in the wrong place, but .................... I have the 060817 version of OSCommerce installed Trying to get the Paypal IPN payment module running, but the admin | modules | payment will not pick it up. I have installed the STS admin refresh patch (as mentioned above) but it has made no difference Doesn't seem to matter what I do, the Paypal IPN payment method does not show up You mentioned earlier in this thread that sometimes neither fix method works, I seem to have that circumstance happening here :-( All I need to do is get paypal to process orders in Aussie dollars, instead of US. I have tried installed the payment module before & after STS admin patch with the regular Paypal module enabled & disabled I even added paypayl_ipn.php as a payment method via MySQL in the config table but sadly no joy. So is there another way to get the admin | Modules | payments to recognise that I have loaded the paypal ipn module so that I can enable it? Your help is very much appriciated. Thanks tons Mike