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  1. Hi Alexandra, Thanks for the compliment. The title is automatically created. Has nothing to do with SEO tool to do so. That is what I created. If a query If <?php if(( substr_count($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'create_account.php'))) { ?> <title>Create Account</title> <?php } else { ?> <title><? echo STORE_NAME; ?></title> } [/ code] That you for all files. products_news, specials, etc.pp OK? Regards Alfred
  2. Hello, I need your help from seo.class.php. My categorie from Domain http://www.flechtwaren24.de/blumen-c-20079.html . I need it so http://www.flechtwaren24.de/blumen.html. What can i do? Thanks Alfred
  3. Hello, the contrib is wonderful. I finde a Bug? The contrib make spezialsprice for 1 subcategories. Is that korrekt? Regards Alfred
  4. Hello, I need help, please. Fatal error: Call to a member function trail() on a non-object in /var/www/html/catalog/includes/sts_display_output.php on line 232 In sts_display_output.php on line 232 $template['breadcrumbs'] = $breadcrumb->trail(' » '); What can i Do? Sorry vor my English. Thanks Alfred
  5. aplein

    NIMMIT SEF Support thread

    Hello of people, cannot help me there? I need the Gzip very urgently. Thanks.
  6. aplein

    NIMMIT SEF Support thread

    Hello, i need help. I have install this contrib http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2183 but i need GZIP, what can i do Thanks for Help
  7. aplein

    Search by Price Infobox

    Hello, I need assistance. I would like to limit the price search to the manufacturers. How do I make that? Greeting Alfred My English is bad, soory. :blush:
  8. Many, thank you Alfred from Germany
  9. aplein

    RSS contribution

    Hello, need also assistance. can someone mailen me the RSS Feeder by PM? I tested already many, but functions none correctly. I would be much grateful. Greetings Alfred
  10. Google-Translate: Hello, needs assistance with STS version 2.01 the installation perfectly functioned. do not get now with the categories the error that the side is present. Question also in the German forum under posed: http://forums.oscommerce.de/index.php?showtopic=38092 if I categories puts on, also appears these and with clicks comes the following The requested URL/again/test which emergency found on this servers. The category is not called test and it finds these. How Mach I that it finds you?? Thanks for the assistance my English is not so good. --------German----------- Hallo, ben?tige hilfe bei STS version 2.01 Der einbau hat perfekt funktioniert. bekomme nun bei den Kategorien den Fehler das die seite nicht vorhanden ist. Frage wurde auch im deutschen Forum gestellt unter: http://forums.oscommerce.de/index.php?showtopic=38092 Wenn ich Kategorien Anlege, erscheinen diese auch. und bei klicken kommt folgendes The requested URL /neu/Test was not found on this server. Die Kategorie hei?t Test und er findet diese nicht. Wie mach ich das dass er Sie findet?? Danke f?r die Hilfe. mein Englisch ist nicht so gut.