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  1. ljettinger

    Custom P C Creator v1 Released!!!!!

    I wouldn't mind seeing it...
  2. ljettinger

    Custom P C Creator v1 Released!!!!!

    Perhaps I'm a moron and I don't want to cross post, but I'm new at this and I've spent several hours reading over posts in here and can't find what I need... I loaded the PC Configurer after many failed attempts to get the original CCC to work and am having the same problem... In my admin I only have the ability to change the category number... Is there something I'm missing?? How do you actually put products to the categorys?? How do you get the whole thing out into the catalog?? Keep in mind I'm new to both PHP and osCommerce... I thought I would give something besides Microsoft a whirl, but I feel like a turtle in peanut butter... Can someone help a new convert feel welcome??
  3. What is the other post??