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  1. Within the authorize.net account the order number is always showing up as the number one "1". Has anybody seen this? Do you know what I am doing wrong? Thanks, -Darren
  2. hurl

    Paypal IPN - Incorrect Charge

    Thanks for your replies, Satish that did the trick thank you!
  3. hurl

    Paypal IPN - Incorrect Charge

    I have recently installed the paypal ipn contrib. It seems to relay information between my site and paypal without a problem. However it charges the pre-discounted total instead of the correct total. Has anybody seen this problem. Any help would be great thanks!
  4. hurl

    Google Check How Does It Work?

    How does this work? Does it function like the paypal ipn mod? I have it installed and it looks like a customer has to go through the shopping cart and click on the google button to use this checkout method. Instead of running through the checkout process and then using google for payment. Has anybody gotten this to work in the method of paypal ipn? Or are we stuck using the intrusive default method?
  5. hurl

    Google Checkout

    I am having this same problem. Has anybody found a solution? I think that it should function like the paypal payment module. Once someone click to process the order it would open up the Google checkout page. But this does not happen. It goes straight to the order confirmation page. Thanks everybody.
  6. hurl

    fast easy checkout

    Frank, Thank you, I had figured as much. Then the only place that this should differ (could be wrong) is that creloaded uses Basic Template Structure 1.3. So if I can make it work with that contrib then I am good. Thanks.
  7. hurl

    fast easy checkout

    Has anyone got this to work with cre loaded?
  8. Matt, about line 146 you will find this block of code require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'batch_print_header.php'); require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'batch_print_body.php'); require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'batch_print_footer.php'); and before that around line 64 you should find require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'currencies.php'); require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'class.ezpdf.php'); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); looks like you are missing something having to do with the "BATCH_PRINT_INC" defined variable the easiest fix would be to upload a clean version of the batch_print.php file again. But the error message tells you that it cannot parse BATCH_PRINT_INC so there is a problem with the sections of code that refer to that.
  9. I am having trouble with the label template. I am trying to print labels from a range of orders. The problem is that it leaves off the first one. Or if I try to print just one label using the order id number I get a blank pdf. Has anyone else seen this problem?