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  1. hi everybody I want to address to those amongst you, who have deep experiences in contribution codeing and free ressources I need a special contribution for products attributes (payed job of cause!) in brief: we use an enterprise ressource planning system mysql based, to handle all invoice and order issues as well as the complete catalogue maintenance. the scripts are ready and the intercation workz smooth so far the issue: all products variations/attributes eg size or color are handled as unique products and exist after synch of erp->osc as well in osc db with a unique product id. the final goal ist to have for different variations/attributes just one article in productinfo.php and a dependend combination of dropdownboxes for sizes and colors should lead to a single buyable article to be put in the cart. bit niffy to explain, finals should look like this: first choose the hand - depending on the hand the appropriate finish - finally depending on hand and finish selection the loft. any further information about budget and details per PM, I would preferr if we than could discuss via skype
  2. hi allan hi community we have several thousands of images so this contrib is excellent, thx! may I ask how you out there handle the following issue? in admin when adding a new product, the images is always browsed only from local client. what if the image is already on the webspace, e.g. uploaded in a chunk by ftp. we would love to have a possibility to choose images also from the existent web directories. any contrib or solution already existing for that? didnt find one yet :blush: I though I might ask here as this conrtib seems to be closest to our need. rgds dahui
  3. thx neill will try, but as said for the moment we are on a NON 1and1 server !!!
  4. hey neill I trust ya having spent so many hours on hsbc but may I state 2 things a) if I understand it well VGER got it running on 1and1 see we are exactly there b ) I have set up a new osc , vanilla with just hsbc on my own VPS where I have full root rights and it's not hosted by 1and1 but hosteurope in germany, and same thingy I use thewrath1 exact logins and codes hahese and we connect to hsbc on checkout, make payment and are processed well back only the data is not written in db as said I could make any php config or setting I want to and place the equivalent files wherever i need to, samesame all well but no data in oscdb I can understand from theboard here that there must be quiet a few peolple having it running and that it is only a question of altering the rights files sumit up any input on which file and what todo is highly appreciated ;)
  5. wanna refer to VGERs post in this thread we are absolutely at the same situation read again and again how VGR solved it tripple checked and still get stuck, everything fine apart nothing beeing written back to osc DB HELP PLEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEE :( :( :(
  6. have to add they I just noticed now, that after final completion in hsbc and comming back to osc the products purchased are still in the basket ??? while in hsbc it says 43xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-0003bac62f71 Sale Approved 02/02/06 02:18:26 ?0.90 and yet nothing in osc orders table :( :( :( :(
  7. referring to my post below I would like to add some information in case this might be usefull for assiting me/us as written in hsbc we do have the order when it comes back the hsbc_return.php directs me to checkout success and due to the code on top the hsbc-return.php oscsid is correctly appended so if I understand right the oscsid is forwarded to hsbc on checkout by modul as MerchtData and then in return the MerchantData is assigned to the oscsid, please correct me if I misinterpreat :huh: the order id is a three didgit random number for testing at the moment (verified in hsbc) so this shuldn't cause any poblems I think in the module I set orderstatus to 1 which is pending as I have from vanilla osc only 3, think this should be no reason then as well we are trying since 2 weeks now and simply do not get an order to osc database :( thus they are all nicely in HSBC, we are in porduction mode btw as we switch old shopsystem to osc so no problem with interferences by HSBC we assume as from old shop orders are wellprocessed as well please help,feeling kind of desperate :( thx
  8. hello community hi VGER , hello ribs we are reeeeeeeeeeallllllly close here orders are vsisble in hsbc test and production work but order dont come back to osc db after placing order and going through hsbc we get back to checkout_success.php but the orders don't show up in osc admin all this on a vanilla osc latest version with just hsbc contrib on it and running like single language country and all zones everything is correct woudl apreciate any push in right direction, enlighten me please GUIDO srry for my english I am german and helping out an 'englishman' on his prob ;)
  9. btw this is not only a standard for germany but law for the whole european union "DIRECTIVE 2000/31/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL" greetz dahui
  10. this wouldn't be sufficient for germany, as by law the checkbox has to be unchecked by default, and the customer must have been forced to agree proactive on it's own. captainq wrote in the contrib section, that he wanted to fix this, tried to contact him but no response yet. any help to fix this would be highly appreciated. as said, in germany the law forces a shop to work like that :blush: greetz dahui
  11. I finally found a similar request to mine in this thread, reading backwords on page 9 ;) took me some time :lol: Fourbit had a similar approach-request but i didn't find a solution yet so maybe matti might find the time to drop some lines, as I assume he knows best what is posiible or even better was already coded, which des not mean that I do not appreciate the communities input as well ;) greetz dahui
  12. hello community after struggeling to connect oscommerce with my retail/warehouse software I finally found thisgreat contribution. as I am not english native and this thread is really loooooooong ;) I tried to search it and crawl but didn't find anything is it possible to display the variations of an article differently in frontend? I mean instead of a list will all slaves in master something like this: if you have a product family consiting of 3 attributes like shirts for mal/female 5 colours 5 sizes this makes 50 items a dropdown solution like the one in the link above woud be very nice unfortunately the folks do not respond :( anybody already thought or even coded similar? we definately cannot use osc standard options as all 50 articles will have 50 different article numbers greetz dahui
  13. my hta lies in root as my shop is installed in the rewrite base in my file is simply / so maybe try putting it into root and referr with shop/catalog/
  14. kk at least the backup worked - pooooooh :-" the error was the page displayed on top of everything the following code: which clearly states that the file refferred is but that does not exist as I do have only /german all referrers in the files seems to poitn as something like require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_HEADER_TAGS_CONTROLLER); $filename = '../' . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/header_tags.php'; so I do not know why it worked on my dev install and now doesn't anymore ??? any Ideas where to start digging the error dahui
  15. can anybody help please? when I tried to update my headertags on admin panel, no error was displayed, then I ran fill_tags.php (no errors succes message diplayed) and now something with my languages seems 2b messed up the error: I have only single language (german) please help, this is my live site :( thx dahui