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  1. baukland

    Margin Report v2.10

    Hello there Nice system you guys made here. But i was wondering about a little thing. Is it possible to get this cost price to * with some special currency. The "problem" is that i order items from china and they are in $. But we are using NOK here in norway. Then it had been very easy for people like me that don't only use $'s. to just type in the dollar price and get it over to NOK in cost price. Since now i have to get it over to NOK manual. Is this possible to do, with out to much work for you guys. Hope someone understand what i mean :) Br Aukland
  2. Great system, working like a charm. Only thing was that it didnt make /thumpnails. Had to make that. After that. BOM. Up and running :D Bj?rn
  3. baukland

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hello there I was just wondering what categories menu is nice to use, and a easy one to put up is always great. That works with all the explorers. And one more thing, can it be that this STS system do something with this popup window on products. It wont work. I get an java error when you push it for some strange reasen. Bj?rn
  4. baukland

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Is there anyone that can put out a link to some page that use this system, so i can see how it looks like. For the buyer and admin? Bj?rn
  5. oki, thanks. Ill try that Bj?rn
  6. trådløs-deluxe-ver-24g-som-bullet-kamera-med-2-adaptere-p-40.html like that it shows up in googlebot should be tr?dl?se-deluxe-ver-24g-som-bullet-kamera-med-2-adaptere-p-40.html Bj?rn
  7. oki, but google bot is also takeing it for that. So its there is not a way to "convert" those letter to the right ones? Mvh Bj?rn
  8. I just have a guestion, about this Enter special character conversions For some reasen i cant get this to work, or i dont know how it work maby. But my url is like this tr%C3%A5dl%C3%B8se-kamera-c-21.html and it should be like tr?dl?se-kamera-c-21.html. Norwegain ??? and that is not in the .us world :) So i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix that? Mvh Bj?rn