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  1. Bullseye

    PDF File Upload and Display

    How can i see the filenames listed in the admin Preview. Since we have to use Preview and Upload to ul the images, i'd like to display the filenames on the PREVIEW page. I assume it is like displaying the uploaded images from the extra images addon, but i can't seem to get it right. Anyone?
  2. Bullseye

    Custom Product Builder

    How do i switch between single and bundled modes?
  3. Bullseye

    Custom Product Builder

    I got a little excited about this contribution, as the CCC 9.3 almost, almost did what i needed, but is such a pain. And there's no support. I just need to be clear about this one before going too far. Since this was based on custom computers, i assumed it was the right fit for me. Am i to understand that there is no true dependant dropdowns? If I have small mini-box chassis, my user will only be able to fit certain boards in it. The mainboard dropdown needs to reflect this. And only certain processors work with specific boards, so the processor dropdown needs to reflect that restriction. Is there a way to have this mod do such a thing? CCC 9.3 kinda sorta did this, but I had to make 100s of builds on the backend to support it and it was based on the chassis the customer started with. THEN, i had to do the same thing all over again so they could pick a board first... Help?
  4. Bullseye

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Dependant Dropdowns, anyone? I've been using the CCC for a while, and it seems like it is soooo close to being useful. My main problem is that i sell over 80 custom systems, and i need more flexibility from CCC. Why do i have to manually enter the same categories for every fsb over and over again? It would be smarter to create the categories once and then select them from a drop down. Why have 80 different instances of the category, Motherboard? Ideally, dependant dropdowns seem to be what i need. Each subsequent dropdown would narrow depending on the previous selection. I have many options that, if kept linear, would help create a custom system. Then i just add the rest of the options as one-ofs, independant of the dependant dropdowns. Top Level: Choose your System Type (ie Rackmount, Walmount, Mini-PC, etc.) Level 2: Choose your System Size (1U, 2U, 4U if applicable) Level 3: Choose your Chassis (Narrowed from above choices) Level 4: Choose your Mainboard (that works with the selected Chassis) Level 5: Choose which version of Mainboard (each board has optional configs, CPUs, etc.) Then they can freeform request Backplane, Memory, etc. This would REALLY simplify things for the user. Of course, i have to make all the relationships, but it seems that the CCC touches on that, but you need to make a good tree structure for dependencies. Has anybody considered this approach at all? It could also replace product attributes for complex products, and even give a stuctured alaternative to search for systems. I know some PHP, and mySQL, and i've tinkered quite a bit with my base osCommerce build, but seems like i would need to look at AJAX for this. Any suggestions?
  5. Bullseye

    [Contribution] - Search Box Anywhere

    Categories without sub-categories? Is there a way to show categories without the subcategories?
  6. Bullseye

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    If a customer is logged in (which they will never do first), the cart works fine. Orders work fine, both normal and CCC. If a customer puts items in their cart, then logs in as required at checkout, everything in the cart disappears! I am using MySQL sessions, and Force Cookies is set to False. Around the same time that I was tinkering, my host, HostMonster, upgraded their cPanel and maybe PHP. So maybe that's related. What I really need to know, is that when a customer checks out with items in cart, what happens between login.php, and shopping_cart.php where the items disappear? Can someone show me where the session is stored in the DB? It seems to me that the session resets on login. And I know that I have Recreate Session set to false. I just need to know what happens or is supposed to happen between those two pages. Thanks ahead!
  7. Bullseye

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Arthur I know this sounds crazy, but check in your admin tool to see if Default Status of Custom Computers is set to 1 instead of the default 0. Other people in this topic have had that problem. -bullseye
  8. Bullseye

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Arthur: Can you give me the link to the version of CCC you downloaded? I have tried several with my CRE Loaded install, and I can get my customs into the cart, but my default images are screwy. Maybe we can help each other. There seems to be very little progress on this module lately. Bullseye here's a link to my work in progress: http://www.customipc.com/ccc.php I only have one custom under Rackmount...
  9. So, does this silence mean you are saying "just jump in"? anyone? has anyone used the CCC or something similar?
  10. Wow. Information overload. I'm starting with a fresh install of, er... 2.2-MS2. You may say i'm a dreamer, but i'd like to get this correct straight outta the gate... I'm going to be selling computer components, current inventory of about 2300 products. I also sell custom systems built w/ said components. I will need lots of redundant specs for components and systems that i would like to store and reuse instead of typing out for every product. I need to be able to import/export and work in a spreadsheet format. Love to eventually tie to Quickbooks. Need to list related products AND allow a user to build a custom system from a list of compatible components. (CCC mod?) Dependant dropdowns showing only the accepeted components would be IDEAL! Seems that I need several mods, but i'm having a hard time finding out if they are all compatible or butt heads? I've done massive searching here and looked at CCC, Attribute Manager, Product Attributes, Easy Upload... I know you might say "just jump in", and hell, i don't mind getting my hands dirty... But i'd like to benefit from the collective wisdom here, hoping someone may have already gone down this path... Any constructive advice? I'll bake brownies... :)
  11. Bullseye

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Aloha: I haven't even started yet, but am ready to do apply this as my first mod. I tried to follow the thread but 22 pages is alot.... My question is, can this mod be used with an Easy Upload mod to populate my products from a spreadsheet? I would love to be able to import/export products with this mods attributes! -Thanks for the hard work!