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    I am using osCAffiliate v2.5a and had read in the v2.02 faq.txt that the 2 tier feature should work, but that it was not supported yet. That left me a little doubtful. I was encouraged by a marketing person to use 2 tier in my affiliate program, so I got into the program and the code today and found I only had to make 1 adjustment to get it to work correctly. I posted it in the contribution section if you want to work with 2 tier. I have 1 problem left. I would like to track impressions for my banners but I have not been able to get them to show up correctly. I set up the catalog/includes/affiliate_configure.php to debug and then successfully reached my images through my absolute path of /var/www/html/images/family_sofware468.gif (my program is in the root directory, not catalog) Then I turned the debug off, but still got the broken image box. I dug into the code in catalog/affiliate_show_banner.php and went through the function affiliate_show_banner($pic) line by line, having it echo each variable to make sure it was all being done correctly. Everything worked perfectly until I got to the section for setting the headers. Then it stopped working again. header ("Content-type: image/$img_type"); header ("Content-Disposition: inline; filename=$img_name"); fpassthru($fp); I went to php.net and looked at their documentation for setting headers with the functions fopen and fpassthru. I tried a lot of things that were mentioned, but got nothing to work. If any wise person knows what I am missing, I would appreciate a tip. I have read through this forum and haven't found an answer. Thanks in advance.