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  1. DeKemp

    [Contribution] Tabbed Product Pages

    Tinkering? Well eh NO, I installed it played with it released it and watched it being bEautIfull. But you are right it does keep the last selected tab open. A few days after I installed FCKeditor and got a scare, 'cause my tabs were gone in admin. Klick on show source and they were back, so even that works. Great contrib can't say anything less. Walter www dot voordeel4u dot nl look for Finlux
  2. DeKemp

    [Contribution] Tabbed Product Pages

    Thanks for a great contrib. Installed it straight from the ZIP, no problems whatever. BUT: :P 1) text appears in different type if product_info is tabbed (slightly larger) solved this by applying your (delete the <pre> </pre> tag) AND modifying (in the same line) class="bodyTextMain" to class="bodyText" . Any comment on that? Did I go the right way about it? I could not quickly figure out which stylesheet to alter. 2) My webstat keeps complaining on a 404 page not found for webfxlayout.css I don't have this file, it's not in the ZIP as far as I can see. Installation was a snap, recommend it any time ! Walter Kempees www dot voordeel4u dot nl look for Make=Finlux