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  1. I ended up grabbing a new copy of the .dat file a week or so ago and it seemed to clear up not only the above error, but also the incorrect countries being assigned to sessions. Thanks, that cleared my problem up as well.
  2. Can you share this hack???? :D Please :)
  3. See here: This may help. :) http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...8580&highlight=
  4. rixride

    Coupon Code Help Please

    Thank JB, He helped me figure this out out (Thanks) I have Coupon 95 installed and wanted people to be able to redeem the coupon and see the savings before they entered payment, this was the work around. In catalog/checkout_payment.php find this piece of code: <?php echo $order_total_modules->credit_selection();//ICW ADDED FOR ORDER_TOTAL CREDIT SYSTEM ?> and move it right above this piece of code around line 230 in my file: <tr> <td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td class="main"><b><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_PAYMENT_METHOD; ?></b></td> You can add the note to the box header by going to catalog/includes/languages/add_english.php and finding this: define('TABLE_HEADING_CREDIT', 'Credits Available'); And just add whatever you would like to say after "Credits Available' something along the lines like this: define('TABLE_HEADING_CREDIT', 'Credits Available- Please Click Redeem Before Entering in Payment Information'); I also changes my Congratulations message to say: Congratulations, Click on "Cart Contents" to see your savings. You have redeemed Looks like this: define('ERROR_REEDEEMED_AMOUNT', 'Congratulations, Click on "Cart Contents" to see your savings. You have redeemed '); Now in my version my "Redeem" buttons were not showing up in I.E 6+ and my redeem submit function didn't work either so here is what I had to do: Two of the files were messed up so that it will not display the buttons in IE 6. Go to catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php and find this: $selection_string .= '<td class="main">' . "n"; $image_submit = '<input type="image" name="submit_redeem_coupon" onClick="submitFunction()" src="' . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/images/buttons/button_redeem.gif" border="0" alt="Redeem Voucher"'; You need to put "><" in between the submitFunction()" and src=" and a closing ">" after the Redeem Voucher so it looks like this: $selection_string .= '<td class="main">' . "n"; $image_submit = '<input type="image" name="submit_redeem_coupon" onClick="submitFunction()"> <img src="' . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/images/buttons/button_redeem.gif" border="0" alt="Redeem Voucher">'; You also need to do the same thing in the catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_gv.php to the same general piece of code. In addition, I also had to change the part where it says submitFunction() to just plain ol' submit(). Somewhere along the line he missed adding the function to the contribution (at least in the older ones) but submit() will work as it is used elsewhere by OSC. HTH A big thank you to JB for this fix!
  5. I have the old Credit Class 4 something installed cause I am a wussy and I dont' want to install the newer version. :wink: anyways I know the newer version allows you to send new customers a Gift Voucher, I know its a long shot but does anyone know the code I need to add to get this to work? I am waiting for the Credit Class to stabalize before I go and upgrade it again, my main fear is changing the database tables..anyways, I digress... Thanks for your help
  6. I need this as well! Post the Code :shock: :D
  7. Mod Request. Instead of a Discount is it possible to issue them a Gift Voucher towards their next purchase? I.e They buy 100 today we issue them 10.00 GV (i.e. 10%) towards their next purchase?
  8. Is there a way to show people what thier discount is before they Check out? I.E a button that says, Calculate Discount in their Shopping Cart? People want to see the discount before they put in their CC #. Any suggestions??? :shock:
  9. Wham Bam, Thank you Maam :D yes, the coupon code is what we were looking for. I added the stand alone version for now, I will wait till the credit class system is a bit easier to install before i upgrade again. :) Thanks for your help Kim! of and for anyone wondering what contribution here it is: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,300
  10. Hey Kim, We want people to enter a code onto the site that will take a Percentage off a product or cart. Either before or during check out. (doesn't matter) I have the credit Class and Coupon installed, but I don't want to email a coupon to everyone and I don't want to add people to groups with discounts, I just want them to enter in a name or code. i.e. Everyone from xxxx.com enter in "xxxx.comdiscount" and then they get 10% off.... {off = everything in shopping cart} The coupon system just let people enter in a coupon code that has been emailed to them and its cash, not a % off. At least that is my understanding. I also have the Members Discount but again that is to manually intensive to add people to it. If they just enter in a Code when its time to check out it would be a lot easier to give out discounts. Does that make it clear as mud? :D Thanks for your response.
  11. Thank you Ian. :) hmm..now to find a work around...
  12. From an Earlier Post: . case 'del_images': $additional_images_id = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_GET_VARS['pID']); if ( ($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id']) && (is_array($HTTP_POST_VARS['additional_images_id'])) ) { $product_id = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id']); $additional_images_id = $HTTP_POST_VARS['additional_images_id']; for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($additional_images_id); $i++) { tep_db_query("delete from " . TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES . " where additional_images_id = '" . tep_db_input($additional_images_id[$i]) . "'"); } } //tep_db_query("delete from " . TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES . " where additional_images_id = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['additional_images_id'] . "'"); tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CATEGORIES, 'cPath=' . $cPath . '&pID=' . $products_id)); break; I changed this in Categories.php and it worked for me Good Luck
  13. Just wondering if there was a way to prevent the Members Discount from adding a Discount to items marked on Sale or (Specials). I am using Credit Class & Gift Voucher along with Members Discount 2.2 with the Admin installed. In the admin this is what I have for Member Discounts: There doesn't seem to be anything in there that says that the 20% discount cannot be used on items in the "Specials". Did I miss something? :? Is this possible to prevent?
  14. If you find a Mod that does this, Let me know as well! Thanks, Rick www.cycleplanet.net