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  1. darren.w

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, I'm having a problem inserting delivery costs, or when they are included the VAT is calculated incorectly. In the above example I have modified the product, but on the total it leaves the shipping that is ?3.50+VAT out of the vat calculation, Total VAT should be ?6.82. Also if I have a product I wish to add postage to how do I go about doing this? Darren
  2. darren.w

    need a contribution for shipping

    Hi, I'm in the UK an looking for a similar solution, I have used this contrib for the differing flat rates Flat Rates and this EU VAT Zones for the differnt countrys (Yours will be different) I have a slight problem though, and that is that I think I need a diffent postal zone setup. Ansuring your question I would say to use the first contrib, and create zones for each area of the world you post to and associate them to the flat rate you want to use. Darren
  3. darren.w


    Not quite, I have created a blank image manually, and bypassed the coomenu box creation process. I have come across another problem, When looking at the site via a proxy server (Squid) it does not show the menu. Is this a known problem? may have to put the old one in the background as a fall back. Darren
  4. darren.w


    Hi, I've been trawling though the thread but its a bit heavey going :( . I have installed the menu as per the instructions, but the blank image for the menu does not seem to be forming, and so the menu overlays all the other boxes on the menu system, (Screen shot in link) can anyone give me some pointers to fixing it, as its very frustrating. I have checked all the php files under the cat dir twice and cannot seen any typos. link to screen shot sshot.jpg Its an excellent menu... Thanks in advance Darren
  5. darren.w

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, I'm looking to move over to this payment module, I'm using the present paypal module and it sends the correct value for the item which includes VAT, but when using this one the item price is -VAT, I assume the module is sending the product value -VAT how do I get around this and make it include the vat when sending the item cost? Darren
  6. Hi, I have just installed this contrib, and when adding a product the button points to "https://admin/edit_orders.php" instead of the sites full path? I assume this is a simple typo? Darren
  7. I have had a bit more of a look at it, and I think it is not setting the status as inactive when setting up the special. So I have set them inactive manually, will see if it works over the next couple of weeks? Darren
  8. Yes I've just tried it out, off on my holls and wanted it to keep going in my absence, but it also puts the offer on straight away. Have emailed Felix the person who developed it. Darren