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  1. I've also perceived this, clicking the "buy-button" in product info works "well", i used this to build a (nasty) solution for the time until i get a fix (in fact i check for seesion id, if found the "buy now"-button leads to product info, if there isn't a session the customer is allowing cookie therefore the "buy now"-button works as used to) Any more hints?
  2. Hi, i also enjoy a lot this ultimate contrib! Thanks chemo!! observing customers i decided to allow sessions again (due to the observation there a lot out there with deactivated cookies). By doing this a problem with this contrib. occured: the "buy now" link is generated with "&amp" instead of "&" (a problem that has been discussed in this thread in antother context, on page 5 or 6). Although IE doesn't care about it, Firefox, NS and Co. result in an empty basket. I re-checked it also on a clean osc-install, but i get the same effect. Does anybody experienced the same problem and has a solution? Thanks!