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  1. no i think it reloads the page and excutes the credit card information validation?! only a guess..
  2. compare your own checkout_payment and the checkout_payment from the archive. the install instruction is incomplete ;)
  3. nö die sind bei mir auch so... also daran kanns schonmal nich liegen.
  4. try a new clean installtion of osc, install the two modules and test it. then install your other contributions ;)
  5. Ok, then there might be a conflict between some contributions... Try to find the onload with a program that checks the content of files. I use Dreamweaver from Adobe. It scans all files in a defined dir.. maybe there are some free programs that do this for you...
  6. I think you have to search to which contribution the function info() belongs... Otherwise it's difficult to find a solution :(
  7. do you have added the code to your own checkout_payment.php? Because in my checkout_payment.php is no onload="info()". If you have installed no other payment contribution i would suggest to delete it...
  8. you have to search for line 97 in the html source not in your php source ;)
  9. an other fix: the function tep_gv_account_update() is placed in catalog/admin/includes/application_top.php but it's needed in catalog/includes/application_top.php otherwise a customer can't redeem a coupon when using the link of the coupon email!
  10. here is a temporary solution: open catalog/admin/includes/functions/database.php add (maybe after the original function): function tep_db_insert_id2() { return mysql_insert_id(); } now open catalog/admin/coupon_admin.php and catalog/admin/gv_mail.php search for tep_db_insert_id and replace it with tep_db_insert_id2 AGAIN: it's only a temporary solution!! but it works :) because it uses the old tep_db_insert_id-function of MS2