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  1. esm

    paypal advanced paypal payflow

    I need to install PayPal Advanced and I have tried to watch that video but half of the audio part is missing. I'm wondering if there's a transcript of that video somewhere? Thanks, Ed
  2. esm

    PayPal advanced?

    Found it, thanks. Ed
  3. esm

    PayPal advanced?

    Not answered! "I don't recall there being one here, though there may be. You should search the forums for paypal advance, using google. There was a thread with links to paypal videos with instructions." Didn't find anything!
  4. esm

    PayPal advanced?

    Is there a definite answer, YES or NO? If I install osCommerce and start customizing it, is there a PayPal Advanced payment option or not? If there is a "module", where can I read about it? Thanks, Ed
  5. esm

    PayPal advanced?

    Which module is that? I did a search but nothing came up.
  6. esm

    PayPal advanced?

    Hi, Does osCommerce support the PayPal advanced payment option? Thanks, Ed