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  1. Burt, if it was all due to an automatic removal and readmission to Phoenix is actually possible (unlike what the site seems to imply), then I apologize for my rant; I think my previous post to Heatherbell explains my situation well enough that there's no point in rehashing it. At this time I'm running a shop based on a heavily modified osC 2.3.4; while I've been looking at Phoenix, at least until recently there haven't been enough hooks available to make it possible to retrofit all of the additional functionality used by my shop without making extensive Core changes, and given the rapidly evolving target that Phoenix represents, doing that for every point release would be a significant amount of work. However much of the additional functionality in my shop would probably make good starting points for add-ons for Phoenix, so I think I'd be able to make a good contribution to the Phoenix ecosystem if you're still willing to have me around. Best regards, Bruce
  2. Somehow I missed that; when I joined Phoenix back last summer, about the only content that I could find in the club area itself was a list of the membership - which is mostly useless unless you want to PM some or all of the members, so I mostly had been reading the Forums instead. The automatic removal being the case, since it is obviously impossible for someone who was removed from the club to see anything posted only in the Phoenix area, it would be a good idea to have either a pinned topic about it in the public area or to PM someone when they're removed; the message that I get now when I click on the Phoenix icon implies that once you're removed, you can't apply for readmission. This sounded altogether too much like blackballing for my taste, which is why I've been so peeved for the last several months. I can almost guarantee that if it annoyed me, it's likely to have annoyed other people in similar situations. Likewise with the donations; even if a link isn't specifically provided in the public area, mentioning it in that same pinned topic would be helpful. Again, since I haven't been in the Phoenix area much (and not at all lately since I've been locked out of it), I had not seen anything like that, if it had even been there in the first place last summer. Bruce
  3. Unfortunately, Burt, you are doing a bang-up job of doing that all by yourself. I would have been willing to donate both time and money to your project, but because I've been preoccupied lately with a moving into a new house and getting everything reorganized, hadn't been on here much for a while. It is more than a little disingenuous of you to complain that "nobody contributes" when you have never bothered to give a link to where I might contribute or what size of contribution you wanted; instead you removed me from your private Phoenix club, even though I don't think I've ever been one of the "whiners" that you keep complaining about - until now, anyway, and I think that I have reason. I'm sure that now you'll claim that I'm one of your "enemies" club that you always fantasize about, but nothing could be further from the truth. I'd very much like to see this succeed, but it's obvious that I'm not wanted in your private clique. Bruce
  4. The problem with the Quill.js contribution was that apparently quilljs.com deleted the old version of the Javascript from their site, resulting in a broken link. :( I've uploaded a new version that should fix that problem and also upgraded it to the latest version (from 0.19.10 to 1.3.6), which supports things like header levels, block quotes, and hanging indents. I'd caution that there are risks with using any HTML editor on any public-facing part of your site (including but not limited to product reviews etc); many of them have serious vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and so forth. Quilljs attempts to clean the HTML to avoid at least the worst vulnerabilities, but who knows if they've plugged all the possible holes. A lot of other Javascript-based HTML editors out there have known vulnerabilities and shouldn't be used on client-facing sites, but you should be able to use most of them safely in the Admin area. Bruce
  5. Hi. The problem is obviously caused by the re-use of the ID numbers, since a simpleminded cut and paste of this code will duplicate them throughout the web page if you have multiple textareas which use the quilljs editor and you don't modify them for each textarea and its associated toolbar and editor. HTML ID numbers need to be unique within each web page. However the problem is relatively easy to solve, and based on Josiah's code for calling quilljs I have implemented a drop-in replacement for tep_draw_textarea_field() which requires only including the new function at the beginning of any pages where you want to use it, and then changing any of the tep_draw_textarea_field() calls that you want to replace into tep_draw_jquill_field() calls. The parameter lists are the same, which simplifies the conversion, and if quilljs is not available it reverts to tep_draw_textarea_field(). Additionally I have added the code to allow images to be embedded in the rich text area (but you'll have to upload them separately and put a link to the image source since there is no upload support). It should be safe to use on both the admin and the customer side of the shop. The current version still uses the links to quilljs.com; if you use it on your site you might want to consider the trade-offs of continuing to use their site or moving the Javascript and css code to your own site. Obviously moving them to your own site means that you'll have to serve up the code yourself, which could take up bandwidth (the files are about 400k) and you wouldn't get any updates unless you downloaded the quilljs code again from their site, but on the other hand you're insulated from any new bugs that might get introduced or from their site going down in the future. Even better, this should work with virtually any version of osCommerce that still uses the tep_* functions, so it isn't restricted to 2.3. This looks like a great way to avoid all of the problems with the Htmlarea contributions, which apparently don't work on a lot of modern browsers (although I haven't tried them out). I am putting all of this together into a contribution that I will add to Josiah's quilljs contribution thread. Bruce