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  1. I use v 1.4 And if I get in admin SMALL IMAGE WIDTH 0 I've got error, when trying create PDF Catalog And if I get in admin SMALL IMAGE HEIGHT 0 I've got error, when trying create PDF Catalog Here is some code from pdf_catalog.php And my langusge is not English! (Russian, id=4) But if SMALL IMAGE WIDTH = SMALL IMAGE HEIGHT = 100 everything is OK. Any ideas? Thank's in advance.
  2. I've got the same error! ms1 and snapshot from 18/05/2003. For product with 2 lists of attributes I've got shop/product167{1}8{8}10 Any ideas? May be one must correct "href" from shopping_cart.php ? Or adding some lines into htaccess file? But I don't know rewrite rules :( Thank's in advance
  3. YES!!! I repeate step1 and step 2. And There is another thing!!!
  4. I. Let me clarify one thing! As far as I understood IT IS NOT NESSASARY TO DO ANYTHING WITH FILES IN FOLDER SEC_v1.0a/CHANGED 05_18_2003. If it is right -->> my instalation algoritm was incorrect!!! 1. Copy from SEC_1.0/NEW FILES 2. Copy from SEC_1.0/CHANGED FILES 3. Copy from SEC_1.0/CHANGED 05_18_2003. Because last step upload files from step 2!!! So I must repit step 2!!! Am I Right? II. About TABLE PRICES. Is it possible to get one algoritm? Or I can do it just now? I'll try describe this on my business example: I made business gift. So I sell GOOD+SERVISE. For example T-Shirt + Custom Logo. Let customer want to have N t-shirts + his Logo To place logo I must do a pice of work S1 - it is one for all copies!!! For preparation work.. to get stamp (tampon, clishe...) for placing logo So total price will be calculated as TOTAL= N*(price_t-shirt) + S1 + N*(price_for_printing _logo) And here I have got TABLE PRICES!!! Let T-shirt price - 5$ Stamp - 20$ Price for print 1 item - 1$ So If N=10, total order price=80$ (10*5+20+10*1), Price for unit=8$ (80/10) If N=40, total order price=260$, Price for unit=6,5$ If N=100, total order price=620$, Price for unit=6,2$ So thank you, Linda, very much!!! But can I realase such calculation in oscommerce? Hope you undestand me! III And one funny thing In standart snapshop there is product (ID=3) "Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro" and manufacture WARNER!!! It is just mistake... but not so funny!!! when I saw it for the first time in my fresh installation snapshot for SEC, I decided that somebody has changed it from admin!!! :x And what he can change more? So I delited all installation and made frech install again!!! :D Linda, as TEAM MEMBER please correct it!!!
  5. Linda! Thank you very much for your hard work!!! I've just installed SEC v1.0a in fresh snapshot from 18 May. - I've uploaded New files - I've uploaded Changed files - I've uploaded Changed 18_05 files (is it right?) - I made changes in english.php anf general.php files - I replaced login.php styleseeet.css and aplicathion_top.php (in there folders) And I have some questions: 1. Something is wrong in stylesheet.css I have white letters on white backgraund in header horizontal menu under "advanced search" (HOME ...) 2. There is no any buttons PREV | PRODUCT LISTING | NEXT at product_info page Must one to switch it on? Where? Or must I install it by myself over SEC ? You can compare my test site http://ms1.business-gift.ru/product_info.p...0&products_id=6 and Linda site http://www.8thoctave.com/osc_freecall/prod...products_id=154 By the way, why there is difference in URL? I mean "cPath=". 3. There are tld.txt & sikiller.txt files in catalog/include How one can use it? And what for? Thank you very much in advance! And forgive me is I've missed the explanation because of my English.[/b]
  6. Spadver

    Pollbooth Update Soon

    Thank you for your greate POOL! Is it possible to get POLL WITH IMAGE? ... to poll for the best GOOD?
  7. Spadver

    version 1.4 -- NewsDesk released!

    Cant't find EDIT button :D 1. SQL Mooh say (page3) 2. rubygirl say (page 4) One no need to use " !!! before tep_image and after SUBCATEGORY_IMAGE_HEIGHT)
  8. Spadver

    version 1.4 -- NewsDesk released!

    Thank's for greate work! Only some things. ;-) I've download this contribution+putch only yesterday 26/04 and I am trying to add this at MS1 now. And I meet the same bugs to fix that I must read all this thread. :( And those bugs are still in donload files!!! 1. Problem SQL - answer is here, about page 4. Done! 2. Problem error 185 line (this is about "tep... ) answer is here about page 7. Done! 3. For NOnENGLISH speaking users! To see NewsDesk at 1'st time you can switch language to ENGLISH! 4. Now I miss STYLES sheet at http://my_site/newsdesk_info.php?newsdesk_id=2 BUT NOT at http://my_site/newsdesk_index.php?newsPath=1 But may be tomorrow the new release will be placed? And we start new thread? :D
  9. Spadver


    It's seems to me, It is working! Thank's a lot!!!
  10. Spadver


    I also can't change price! :-( 1. Snapshot - MS1 (with default DB) 2. So every good has unique Model ID 3. EasyPopulate v. 253 What I do: 4. Save DB (first line) 5. Open file in Exel (for prices - field as TEXT - else sometimes Exel reads it as DATA field !) 6. Change any price (only one field!) 7. Save it as txt file 8. Do import. No error message. But the price is the same!
  11. Spadver


    I have small problem (bug?) on local site. So I am not hurry to run it on my living site. :-( But today I've just seen the same at http://www.affiliatesexcel.com/catalog/pro...&products_id=51 Try to click on image ("Click to enlarge") What will you see? I have the same problem on my local site. But everything is OK at author site! PS Please give a link here for fixing this bug! Or One must use v.1.2 ?
  12. Spadver

    Style Selection

    LANGO You made greate work!!! I like this themes very much in PostNuke site. And I like it very very very... much in osCommerce site! I would like to have an opportunity to use it! And I think it would be greate contribution!!!