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  1. Hi everyone, I'm installing a new store and i'm hoping to hear from you guys what's the best wysiwyg editor out there. im using the online merchant version of oscommerce. thanks
  2. yes, i tried that , and I even used 3 different browsers, Opera, IE, Firefox, I added the <meta> tag that was missing from my template and it fixed it on firefox, but i'm still having problems in the opera and IE =/
  3. thanks but it did not work...i don't understand why it keeps popping to utf8, i've tried finding where it's defined but no luck so far....i guess the language.php should be enough to set the correct charset....
  4. hi everyone! I'm having a encoding problem, my native language shows the special chars as ? in firefox or rectangles in IE, I can't find where to change this, as the languages are all set correctly in the language.php =/ I'm posting it here because i've heard that STS might cause this sometimes... the english language is correct, but when i turn it to portuguese the Í or à don't appear...take a look please, www.corfer.com thanks
  5. is there any way i can create a template for each box seperately ?? like having a box_manufacturers.php.html or a box.shoppingcart.php.html ? this way i could control each box like its done with the information box instead of having one single template for all boxes :huh:
  6. oh....lol ... thanks! I was browsing trough all the contribs, but had not found this one yet....
  7. :) i'm not saying correctly, it's not the thumbnail, it's the structure of the new products, like having the products have it's own table for title, small description, buy now button etc I want it to look a bit like the stores i've shown (the what's new part). i cant' find a way to explain it better... :blush:
  8. hi , this is not my page, it's just an example i found on the net, as my page is not finished yet :-/ , here try these two others: http://osc2.template-help.com/15209/index.php http://osc2.template-help.com/14619/ i want to change the recetly added products from the small thumbnails to these large thumbnails with or without borders...
  9. hi, i've installed sts and it's great, but i'm having a few design problems. STS allows me to have a all nice new products in front page like this (4 products http://osc2.template-help.com/15177/index.php i've tried opening lot's of files but i can't find where to make the changes... thanks
  10. Orge

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    hey there, from what i have seen this is a great contribution! I have a problem, i'm using STS and don't know how to integrate it. can anyone give me a hand? is the integration possible?
  11. Orge

    categories and whats new.

    hi, I forgot to mention, I just need to know what files i need to change, you don't need to wirte down every line, just to point in the right direction...from there i'll find my way I guess...
  12. hi everyone, I'm new to costumizing oscommerce with STS(all updated with the last versions out) and still couldn't figure out how to customize the new products shown in the front page and the categories in the left column... can anyone point me in the right direction and/or topic ? i've tried seraching through the forum but theres so many topics i couldn't find anything.... i'm aiming for a look like this: http://osc.template-help.com/13092/index.php the round border around the new products and the categories thankx to everyone! Orge
  13. hey, no. it's just a normal shop... i now know that the problem is with the headers os the sts, but stil don't know how to remove those chars...i'm hosted at fastnext...
  14. hi, I'm having exactly the same problem in my shop...still don't know what to do...