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  1. Unfortunately I have modded them. Using tempaltes and stuff...:/ EDIT: the files I downloaded didnt have notation, should be the latest.
  2. Hey, Anyone got a manual installation documentation of this? Not that fond of just copying files over. /erik
  3. Erik_DO

    Worldpay support III

    hey guys, previously I had the session errors aswell, but just as you mentioned this was fixed when I went through the cookies configuration. :) anyway, now when it is almost working, I get another error. when returning to the store after payment has been processed, the customer is again redirected to the payment page. so the order isnt placed, but the payment is processed. any ideas on this? also, where do I edit the looks of the return page? couldn?t seem to find it earlier in the thread.
  4. Erik_DO

    Newsletter module v02

    Hey, Been trying to install this contrib for a couple of days now. been editing alot of code, alot of it needed to be removed (like the interest options). Also I couldn?t get the unsubscription links to work (the ones at the bottom of the email). When clicking them it didnt fill in the email adress in the subscription center as it was supposed to. So edited out those aswell. Now I got a couple of problems left which I have no solution to. 1. Clicking the subscribers in the admin doesn?t work, it just doesn?t mark the user. It stays on the top one. Entering userid manually in the url works. Read some solution to this, changing "onclick" to "onmouseclick" in the code, but this didn?t work. Anyone got it working? 2. The headers and footers are a mess. I added a default footer and thought that it would add this footer to the newsletter if no other option was chosen, well it didn?t. Now when I create a new newsletter it also creates a new header footer with "Dear" as a greeting. So I have to go back and change to my own header footer. 3. The unsubscription info included in the footer of the email sent out includes an unsubscribe link, which doesnt work. So I removed this info from unsubscribe 1. However, it still includes the users email. Not sure where to edit this out, anyone got any ideas? Would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks, Erik
  5. Erik_DO

    version 1.4 -- NewsDesk released!

    Hey all, Nice topic, solved alot of the issues with the initial contrib. Although, in admin I still get an error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in D:Internetwwwrootngadminincludesboxescatalog.php on line 39 Couldn?t find any solutions in this thread. Anyone got any ideas?