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  1. MarcoZorro

    Limit PayPal payments?

    A search of the contributions section might yeild some results ;)
  2. MarcoZorro

    osCommerce Development Server

    This is great news :thumbsup:
  3. MarcoZorro

    DAA! I cant be the first!

    Your right your not the first :) There are pages of threads on this very issue.
  4. MarcoZorro

    Protx Payment Module

    Then you will need to ask in their own forums.. CRE isnt an offical version of oscommerce.
  5. MarcoZorro

    Testing Paypal

    Then the answer is no :)
  6. MarcoZorro

    Testing Paypal

  7. MarcoZorro

    Can anyone out there help me???

    With the information you have given I have no idea what you are talking about :) Surely the people that wrote the payment module can tell you how to install it? Since all modules are written the same way then they dont need to have access to the server for this they can just provide instructions. If they cannot help then you will need to provide more information as to what files you have what they are called where they are located etc etc.
  8. MarcoZorro

    Can anyone out there help me???

    >_< And you were doing so well with the rest of your post :thumbsup: Since I am a nice friendly person I will help you anyway... If the module they have supplied is built like a standard payment module then you need to upload one file to catalog/includes/modules/payment and the language file to catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment The module should then be available to enable in the admin section :)
  9. MarcoZorro


    If you stopped shouting you might have a chance someone might help you. Also read the following site http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html It will explain how to ask questions which get the best chance of getting replies.
  10. Firstly stop shouting.... Secondly you havent uploaded all the files or you have put them in the wrong place. Read the installation instructions and double check everything
  11. MarcoZorro

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (

    Please dont post the same message in 2 places... its incredibly annoying
  12. oscommerce doesnt really care if a product is in a main category or s sub category. But if you look at the top of the page cPath is a good place to look :)
  13. MarcoZorro

    SecPay module: non-functional?

    I have used the standard module on over 20 sites without any problem. My guess is that your host has disabled reverse lookups. In the module there is a check to make sure that the callback comes from secpay.com this makes sure that callbacks cannot be spoofed.
  14. MarcoZorro

    SecPay module: non-functional?

    If you are using the secpay module from the contributions section then make sure that your digest key matches what it set on secpay.. if they are different the payment will be rejected by oscommerce. TBH the code in the contribution doesnt fill me with confidence so I wouldnt use it... it could be easier to take the existing module in oscommerce and add the md5 feature yourself.
  15. MarcoZorro

    To Arabic Language (To Leaders)

    Please feel free to complete the arabic translation I am sure there are people out there that would appreciate it. Of course there are many benefits of contributing to an opensource project. 1. Living in the knowledge that you can do something for other people without wanting something back. 2. The feeling of being part of the community by investing time in the project 3. The thanks from people that use your contribution. There are also many other benefits.. if there werent then no-one would ever contribute to an opensource project. In terms of commercial services there are non at present that come from contributing... the only way to get a banner etc is to join the sponsorship program. see http://www.oscommerce.com/partners/corporate,info