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  1. After review, I have noticed that the problem above only happens when i edit a duplicate product. For some strange reason my duplicate products don't get a "date added" value in the database. I am getting a slightly different response when I edit a regular product. After choosing Edit and the next page loads, the Individual ship price will now be filled with "0.00" and if i submit my changes now the product is shown for free shipping. The problems that i mention here are only occuring when a product is not given a shipping price. These products have to be calculated by my original shipping module and they will but i must take the extra step to make sure that i clear the individual price field when i make changes to a product. Not a big deal but it is annoying. What went wrong? Has anyone heard of this? I will do some searching around but for now i think i'm the only one with this problem.
  2. I am getting a strange entry into my database. Ok! So, I add a new product that doesn't require a shipping price..... in other words i leave the individual shipping field empty. I click preview.... then insert..... Now when i view the product in the store there is no problem, but if i need to edit this product for any reason, this is where i get a weird entry. So I cick edit in the admin section and scroll down, now I see that there is the number 2006.00 in the individual ship price field. At first i didn't notice it and submitted the changes, and when i viewed the product in the store the shipping price is $2,006.00. I think the 2006 is coming from the date but i'm not sure how this happened or what to do. Please help if you can!
  3. Here is a question, and maybe it doesn't belong in this thread but it directly relates to the problem I am having. Can any one element(<div>,<li>,<td>,etc.) have more than one class? (<a class="top", "daddy" href=....) That may not be the correct way to write it, but is this even possible?
  4. I think I know how this can work but I can't seem to get the code to work right. If I can get the code to look at the parent id and give a class name of "top" or "main" or whatever to all categories with a parent id of 0, then I can get my CSS to manipulate the list properly. I have tried a few times to make it work but I'm afraid I don't understand exactly how to write this If statement. I am going to do a little more research, but feel free to post your thoughts on this. Thank you
  5. Please forgive my last post! That is not correct either. What I need is for the top category to have a special class. let's say... #nav main or #nav top. How can this be properly applied?
  6. I got it!!!! This seems to work. /* Selected items with subcategories */ #nav ul ul li.selected { background-color: #FFCC00; } #nav li.selected a.daddy { background-color: #FFCC00; }
  7. Hello again.... I have installed this contrib to my site and set the CSS to make the first two levels of my list always visible and the final subcategories are set to fly-out. It looks great!! My problem is however, that the selected class makes my entire first set of subcategories(the always visible sub-set) highlight when a third and final set is selected. like this: This happens even when a first category(like "Football") is selected. The entire sub-set gets the highlight. I see that it is because the <li class="selected"> doesn't get a </li> until the last sub-category. Do you know how I can have only the proper category highlighted for this CSS layout? It seems at this point I need to change the ul_categories.php to render a new class. I'm not sure what the right steps are yet, please help if you can. Thank you
  8. I have taken the css away for now untill the list is generated properly. I have a screen shot.... It's very large, sorry folks.
  9. The code does not recognize category depth properly on my store. The last post was no help to me, and actually contains two bugs. I don't know how you got it to work perfectly for you... The original code sees the first category and lists everything under that category properly. Then the next top level category get listed under the deepest category from the first list and continues to "step in" very far for each additional top level category. Does this make sense? What is happening?
  10. Thank you for such a quick response. I believe this is exactly what I am looking for. I will play with it a bit and let you know if there are any suggstions or problems. Again, thank you!
  11. This contrib seems to be what I am looking for... I was wondering if you could direct me to a working live example, I would like to see this in action before I install it on my store. Thank you
  12. EidolonNight

    Category Discount

    Hi Amanda! I am so happy that your contrib. now handles products with attributes as per post #53. I would like to try and take it another step and have the discount apply to products whos attributes do not change the product price. In my store we sell photos that are matted and framed. Our standard product is a matted photo for $18.00. You may choose to have it framed for $17.00 additional. OR You may choose to order the photo only (without mats) for $5.95. There are other options but they are a matter of mat color and do not change the price. In these two examples the options will change the original product price... My category discount will give a $3.00 discount on each photo if more than one photo is ordered. So, if two photos are ordered for $5.95 the new price is $2.95, that's not ok! So what I'm trying to do is have the module not apply the discount if the original product price has changed. What I don't know is, where to apply the IF statement. Can it be added to the catalog/includes/module/order_total/ot_cat_qty_dicount.php? Anyway, I can't get it to work yet but I will continue to work it out, please feel free to post any suggestions. Thank you
  13. EidolonNight

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Forget that last post!! It doesn't work!!
  14. EidolonNight

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I have the same settings and the problem still exists. I was think about it earlier today and decided to try something. I thought "what if this is a register globals issue. So, I placed this piece of code into the catalog/admin/whos_online.php right at the top. link_get_variable('contents'); So far I think it is working!
  15. EidolonNight

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Ok! I was wrong! I only worked that way once. It does not seen to recognize the shopping cart. One other thing... When it did show the cart, everyone on my site had the same thing in their cart. With 3,000 products that is almost impossible.