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  1. maxiooo

    [Support] Category Fields

    Does anybody have done Ajax Search for Extra Fields? I found it on some webpage, but I dont't want to pay $29 for this... it should be GPL ;-) ... If you dont konw what I mean... I want to write a ajax search in products category fields (product fields), but all fields are in drop-down lists, so I can choose from text already existing in this fields. (sorry for my english..)
  2. maxiooo

    Master Products - MS2

    Does anyone find solutions to do this? For example... I sell notebooks (30 models) and carry bags for this notebooks (only one model - for all notebooks this same bag). So... I must add this same bag 20x in my catalog (one for one notebook !) because I can't add multiple masters for one slave! I think, it has no sens.. :/ Maby someone know how to do this... Thanks for help ;-)