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  1. Hey Jazzter, I try to use Header Tag Controller v2.5.3 by Jack York! It works perfect... but since I?ve installed Ultimate SEO URL the Title-Tag don?t work... read some posts back about my problem!
  2. Hi Mark, no that wasn?t the problem. The search engine safe urls are off. Did you have any other ideas? -Kamil
  3. I have a problem... since I installed Ultimate SEO URLs v2.0b my Header Tag Controller don?t work. There are always the default title, keyword and description but not the title, keyword an description from the products or the categories. I check the Ultimate SEO installation... but I couldn?t find any error at the installation. I think there must been an error in the catalog/includes/application_top.php in this part: or in the catalog/includes/functions/html_output in this part: or maybe there is a problem in the includes/seo_cache.php or the includes/classes/cache.class.php