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  1. tkm

    Help with User Tracking

    Thank you. That fixed it.
  2. EP is putting #'s in all my item descriptions. How can I get rid of these?
  3. I'm trying to install the user tracking contribution. Near the bottom of the installation instructions it says I did a root install of osCommerce, so I don't have a directory named "catalog". What values do I enter where it says I've tried just putting a "/" but I get the error Any suggestions?
  4. How do I turn off free shipping? I'm using Ians' loaded 5. The only shipping options I'm using are USPS. I have the free shipping turned off in admin>modules>shipping but it still comes up free shipping on orders of $50 or more.
  5. Yes that's what I did. If someone has this working with the image mods, please post the code so I can copy it.
  6. I'm using Ian's loaded 5 and can't get the images to work. I've tried uncommenting where it says to // unmcomment these lines if you are running the image mods $query .= . $v_products_mimage . '", "' . $v_products_bimage . '", "' . $v_products_subimage1 . '", "' . $v_products_bsubimage1 . '", "' . $v_products_subimage2 . '", "' . $v_products_bsubimage2 . '", "' . $v_products_subimage3 . '", "' . $v_products_bsubimage3 . '", "' I've tried removing the first "." and I still get the same parse error I'm not using the MO pics part of Ians loaded 5, but I am using the mimage and bimage. Any suggestions?
  7. tkm

    All Products = Spider Food

    Where do you add str_replace(" ", "_", $string); So you end up with A_Bugs_Life instead of A%20Bug%27s%20Life