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  1. Hi Barry, First off thanks for your great contribution. I've just added the encryption capability but when it decrypt's in Admin it only shows 16 digits of the card number, obviously Solo and most Switch cards have 18-19 digits but it seems to cut the last 2-3 numbers off. If I switch encryption off it displays the full number? Any advice? TIA, Paul
  2. Still not working, the server is using PHP Version 4.2.3 Paul
  3. Looks like its getting an empty var: <!-- --> Paul
  4. Hi Adam, I've just done what you suggested and it just shows <!-- $advertiser --> in the html source of the processed page ... I've played around a bit in application_top.php but with no joy :( Regards, Paul
  5. Hi, I've tried using this mod on a recent snapshot (about 2 weeks old) but cannot seem to get any results from it. It all installed fine and I get no errors when creating new accounts or placing errors. The only problem is it does not seem to log any of the referrals. I am trying links like http://www.twocom.net/shop/default.php?ad=test.ad and going through and creating a new account and placing an order under this account but in customers and the ad report it does not show up where the referral came from. Any tips? Regards, Paul Thomas http://www.twocom.net
  6. I have added this contribution to my shop, however I am having problems getting it to accept the correct start dates on cards. Entering the correct start date on a card brings up an error msg saying it is the incorrect date, when it is in fact correct. The only way to get it to accept it to change the month/year to Jan 1999. What would cause this problem? Rgds, Paul