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  1. Great work Maverick and Pierrick! Just one small addition. Be sure to upload a small image called tick.gif to the images/alert/ folder. I will make an update to this contibution with the changes ASAP. Zipper
  2. Yepp. Thats no biggie. You would have to add a few lines of code to the file orders.php and upload the images you want to be displayed. There is a way of sorting orders by status from the dropdown meny in the right corner of the orders section as of now though. Zipper
  3. The correct lines of code is: // contact alert mod start $last_mod_day = tep_date_yc($orders['last_modified']); $purchase_day = tep_date_yc($orders['date_purchased']); if($last_mod_day == null) { $indicator = 'images/alert/new.gif'; } else { if($today - $last_mod_day >= $daycount_2) { $indicator = 'images/alert/red.gif'; } elseif($today - $last_mod_day >= $daycount_1) { $indicator = 'images/alert/yellow.gif'; } else { $indicator = 'images/alert/green.gif'; } } // contact alert mod end It?s easy to see if the code has errors though. Most webservers tell you what is wrong and the line of the error in the file. Zipper
  4. Maverick529 ---> That seems strange. When a new order is made the field last_updated_date gets the value null. The script searches fot this value in the field before anything else happens, so the reason for this not working must be that the default value of that field in your database is not null. Can that be correct? It's eiter that or something else. :) -- Its a great idea with another icon for closed orders. I will try to work on that later on. Probably not a biggie. I have got limited time for coding like this, but I will get to it as soon as possible. Feel free to help out if you have the knowhow and time. Zipper Ps. busonero -----> Can you please edit your previous post and remove the linked images. They are behind admin and I (and everyone else?) is beeing prompt for password at every reload of the thread. Thanks.
  5. Hi The thing with the daycount of this script is that it counts ydays. That is the actual number of days since last 1/1. Therefore there is a known issue if the yday number when the order was last updated is actually higher than the yday of todays date. Thats why orders that was last updated like 21/11/2004 indicates a wrong alert since the yday count for that date is actually higher than todays date. (16/07/2005) Please note that this script is to control pending orders and not closed ones. When I made the script it was to remind me after 5 days at most. The orders in the example in brightlaserlights post above is quite older than that. I will try to mend this issue when I get the time though. Stay with this version in the mean time. :) Zipper
  6. busonero ------> I cant see the images you have posted. They seem to be protected with password. I dont quite understand what you mean without the images. Zipper
  7. ******************************************** Support thread for Contact alert mod for OsC 2.2 MS2 ******************************************** Description: If you have some problem with alot of pending orders and the priority in witch they should be handeled, then this is the contribution for you. After installation you will se an image indicating when the order was last updated to a new status, or with new information for the customer. You can set the amount of days before the alerts, and the alert is set for two steps. Default is 3 days, and 5 days. See screendump at "http://www.sweclimb.se/interakt/contact_alert_mod_preview.gif" for a graphic view. This can help you alot in hectic times with alot of pending orders. It did the trick for me. :) Zipper
  8. zipper

    Firefox conQuery: osC Edit Product

    This is a great idea. Since reading about this on the forums I have made several scripts that makes working with the shop alot faster. (I'm on dialup from time to time). No more reloads just to get the right product selected in the categories area. Just rightclick to edit product, or attributes, or add a new one. I like it, plain and simple. :) Try it. Zipper
  9. zipper

    does anything work with OSC????

    Come on you guys. Does this guy really deserve that many answers? Please MOD, just delete the thread and levave the DB space for something useful. ;) Zipper
  10. zipper

    Error with swedish module "f?rskottsbetalning"

    Hi Can you please specify a little. 1. Have you made any changes to the moneyorder module? 2. Have you filled in all the fields available in the adminsection after you have activated this model? You should be able to change the information in the actual moneyorder module file, or in the corresponding language file. Zipper
  11. zipper


    Problem solved, I think. I noticed that a new verion of Mozilla was out (1.0.1) and uninstalled ny current one (1.0) completely. Installed 1.0.1 and made the same tests. Now it seems to be working great. I?m thinking the problem me and some others had with mozilla not keeping/making affiliate sessions was client related in some way. I?ll get back to you guys if the problem comes back. Otherwise, thanks for the answers. :) Regards Zipper
  12. zipper


    I have this problem aswell. I have also noticed that if a mozilla 1,0 user clicks an affiliate banner, the clickthrough does not get recorded. Therefore it is likley that the commision from mozilla users will not be recorded either. Signing up and recording clickthroughs in explorer works great though. Please update me on this one if you can.!! Many thanks. / Zipper
  13. Please help me see if my mod works with MS1 and MS2. Just install it, there is just one file to replace, and give me feedback if it works or not. I have only tested this mod on my own catalog system wich is prior to MS1. Thanks for the help with this. Here?s the mod. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1382 / Zipper
  14. I have released a 2,0 of this script with some bugfixes and a major addition. The script now lets you choose if you want to show the box or not when there are no new products within the choosen amount of days. If you choose to show the box, the box will show a text saying No new products this month. This can ofcourse be changed to what ever language you are using on your site. Enjoy! http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1382 / Henrik (Zipper)
  15. If you do not add new products frequently, the "New products in.." box will look silly after a few mounths, showing the same products all the time. This Mod solves this problem by adding a time for the new items to be displayed in the box. You can easily change the number of days new products are be shown in the box. If there are no new products within the chosen number of days, (default 30) the box will not show up at all. This applies to the box showing under the subcategories aswell. It is very easy to install and to configure. (Contri only contains one file) Please give me feedback on this Mod as it is my first Mod ever. :) Send feedback by PM, mail or by replying to this post, please. The Contribution can be found here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1382 Enjoy! / Henrik (Zipper)